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Blog - Building a Resilient St. Vrain

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Resilient St. Vrain: Restore & Revitalize

This blog shares everything from in-depth articles about the project to interesting photos of work zones. With a project as extensive as Resilient St. Vrain, something is always happening. Follow along as we build a Resilient St. Vrain!

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Building rock structures on St. Vrain Creek

by Jennifer Loper06/30/2017 11:49 AM
Updated: 07/11/2019


Crews move boulders into place along the St. Vrain Creek east of Martin Street as they build one of 10 rock drop structures as part of the Resilient St. Vrain flood mitigation project. The rushing water in the video is a diversion channel where the creek has been safely moved to allow work to take place.

These rock drop structures help water flow downstream from higher to lower elevations while controlling its speed and velocity. These structures help control erosion along the creek, as well as helping fish safely navigate the creek. There is also a fun factor, as the drops will provide some falls and ripples that will add interest for those tubing or kayaking along the creek.

Warning: Please do NOT try these activities while this area is under construction. There are too many possible hazards under the water for this activity to be safe. Read a news release about the official closure of this area during construction >



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