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Spring branch event, curbside composting create year-round yard work convenience

by Jennifer Loper03/19/2018 10:00 AM
Updated: 06/08/2018

Acceptable yard waste items for compost cartAre you familiar with Longmont’s annual curbside tree limb collection? It’s a great chance to get rid of branches that may have dropped from your trees or that you’ve collected while cleaning up your yard on milder days this winter.

This year’s collection takes place in early April. Visit the Spring Branch Collection webpage to learn when crews will be picking up branches in your neighborhood.


Households that subscribe to the curbside composting service now available to residents have the added convenience of being able to include those branches in the composting cart year-round. The same rules about branch size apply (no larger than 6-inches in diameter), and the lid on your cart needs to be able to fully close. (So, please cut or break any long branches into more manageable segments.)

In addition, you can add the dried-out plant material you rake out of your flower beds, leaves that collected at the base of your bushes and shrubs, and any plants that didn’t make it through the winter. Plus all the other items that are accepted for composting. Check out the complete list >

Since curbside composting is collected every other week, this does take away the excuses to postpone yard work! But it also means you can break up that sometimes-massive job into smaller chunks all season, leaving you more time to enjoy those warmer days however else you choose.

Happy Composting!

Longmont's opt-in curbside composting service is available for only $6.60/month. To sign up, visit ServiceWorks! now or contact Waste Services Monday - Friday.

  1. Updated: 06/08/2018
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