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This blog shares ways to help you make sure you're doing all you can to keep more out of the landfill and put those items to good use through recycling and composting. From checking out new items accepted for recycling to learning what's the best way to remove food residue before tossing that peanut butter jar, we'll share monthly tips and tricks to help you. Follow along as we help you become a waste wizard!

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Smaller cart, cheaper price, bigger impact

by Jennifer Loper04/16/2018 8:30 AM
Updated: 06/08/2018

Most Longmont residents are paying for more trash service than they need. But, by getting a smaller trash cart and recycling as much as possible, residents can actually keep more money in their pockets.

Even if residents also decide to add composting service, the total bill with either medium or small level trash service is still cheaper than one, large 96-gallon trash cart priced at $24/month.

As Charles Kamenides, our Waste Services Manager, puts it: “Trash cart size is the main factor in your monthly waste service cost. The larger your trash cart, the more you pay. So, if you’re not filling your cart between pick-ups, why not get a smaller one and pay less?”

This approach, called Pay as You Throw, works just like water or electric rates…the more you use, the more you pay. In the case of trash, it helps encourage waste diversion–sending less stuff to landfills–by incentivizing alternatives like composting and recycling.

Ready to downsize your trash cart and start saving? Visit ServiceWorks! now to sign up or contact Waste Services Monday - Friday. You can subscribe to curbside composting at the same time, if you'd like.

Whats the big deal with trash cart size


  1. Updated: 06/08/2018
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