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This blog shares ways to help you make sure you're doing all you can to keep more out of the landfill and put those items to good use through recycling and composting. From checking out new items accepted for recycling to learning what's the best way to remove food residue before tossing that peanut butter jar, we'll share monthly tips and tricks to help you. Follow along as we help you become a waste wizard!

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Paper, paper everywhere

by Jennifer Loper07/06/2018 4:00 PM
Updated: 07/06/2018

Paper may be one of the most versatile items when it comes to waste diversion. Longmont's Waste Services division makes it easy for residents to shred and dispose of paper without sending it to the landfill.

Check out all the ways to determine which one (or two, or all!) is right for your household.


Many types of paper--including office paper, magazines, newspapers and more--is recyclable through your blue-lidded curbside recycling bin, collected every other week. Get all the details on our Recycling Collection webpage.

Monthly Shredding Events

The City of Longmont sponsors free paper shredding events every month. Gather your personal, sensitive documents in a box or bag and bring them to the Waste Diversion Center. Whether you have a bag full or a trunk full, no problem, but remember this is only for residents - not businesses. Your papers will be securely shredded, then recycled. Find the date of the next paper shredding event.

Curbside Composting

Prefer to shred your own sensitive documents? You can add the paper shreds to your green-lidded curbside composting cart. (Not yet subscribed to curbside composting? Learn about all you can compost and sign up today.)

Check out this short video showing one easy way to collect shredded paper for composting.


Your curbside composting cart is also the destination for neon, fluorescent, goldenrod or dark-colored paper. These items cannot be recycled.

Waste Diversion Center

Shredded paper is also accepted in one of the large receptacles at the Waste Diversion Center. Be sure to empty it from any plastic or paper bags you may have used for transporting it.

Waste Wizard

Still not sure about an item? Ask the Waste Wizard! Never again wonder if something is recyclable, compostable or destined for the trash.


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