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Send Less to the Landfill & Put More to Good Use!

This blog shares ways to help you make sure you're doing all you can to keep more out of the landfill and put those items to good use through recycling and composting. From checking out new items accepted for recycling to learning what's the best way to remove food residue before tossing that peanut butter jar, we'll share monthly tips and tricks to help you. Follow along as we help you become a waste wizard!

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Ask the Waste Wizard

by Jennifer Loper07/09/2018 2:00 PM
Updated: 07/13/2018

The easy-to-use Waste Wizard is helping Savvy Sam determine how to sort waste properly. Never again wonder if something is recyclable, compostable or destined for the trash. Just type in the name and the Waste Wizard tells you exactly what to do with it. (Or, in some cases, it even gives you several options.)

Give the Waste Wizard a try today at

Savvy Sam learns about the Waste Wizard 3-panel comic
  1. Updated: 07/13/2018
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