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It's time to peruse the power. To know the NextLight. And that means it's time to plug into More Power To You, LPC's weekly blog! We post here once a week with thoughts and tips related to your community-owned electric and internet utilities ... and often with a little fun and humor besides. Come on in and get connected!


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New Faces, Same Quality

by Scott Rochat08/16/2019 3:29 PM
Updated: 08/19/2019

The world used to turn upside down for me on an annual basis. Not from earthquakes. Not from vertigo. Just from three little words.

Back. To. School.

I’m sure my parents were exhaling with relief. (Well, at least until Mom became a teacher herself.) But for me and my sisters, it meant that an avalanche of new stuff was about to descend. New daily routines. New classes. New school supplies - including, admittedly, those piles of cheap notebooks that I still can’t do without.

Most of all, though, it meant new faces. What would the teachers be like? Who would be in my class? Who would the new kids be? Would we get along?

Every year, there was always that little butterfly of uncertainty inside my breastbone. Even when you know better, it’s easy to get nervous about changes, whether you’re 5, 15, or 50. Somehow, though, it always seemed to work out – and even to hold some exciting surprises.

Well, it’s back to school season again. And once again, it’s time for some new faces.

David Hornbacher, LPC electric director Valerie Dodd, LPC NextLight director

As you might know, LPC has some changes at the top. Instead of one general manager, we now have two directors. David Hornbacher is heading up LPC’s electric service after most recently leading Aspen’s utilities to their “100% renewable energy” goal. Valerie Dodd brings more than 25 years of competitive broadband experience to Longmont as she becomes the new leader of NextLight.

And frankly, we’re excited about both.

Yes, it means new stuff again, even if it’s not the sort you can cram into a three-ring binder. Each one is bringing new enthusiasm, perspective, and ideas to the post. And with the new positions, each can give their utility the focus and attention it deserves.

Most of all, like any good student (or teacher), they’re listening and learning. LPC has done a lot of great things in its 107 year history – whether it’s some of the lowest electric rates in the state or internet speeds that make the nation jealous – and our new arrivals know the importance of keeping that excellence going. And then, reaching even a little farther.

So meet the new kids. By the time we reach next summer, they’ll be familiar faces.

And together, we’ll all keep LPC a class act.   

  1. Updated: 08/19/2019
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