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It's time to peruse the power. To know the NextLight. And that means it's time to plug into More Power To You, LPC's weekly blog! We post here once a week with thoughts and tips related to your community-owned electric and internet utilities ... and often with a little fun and humor besides. Come on in and get connected!


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Walk On In

by Scott Rochat01/21/2020 10:25 AM
Updated: 01/21/2020

When Heather and I used to visit her grandparents, we always began with a little dance that I like to think of as the Dropping By Two-Step. 

Couple DancingStep one would be when either I or my wife would call ahead. Both of us were taught that that’s the polite thing to do, so that you’re not inadvertently showing up at an awkward time. Plus, both of us are a little introverted, and we knew we wouldn’t want to get caught off guard by a visit, so we wanted to show the same courtesy.

Step two would come from Grandma Val. She had a very different set of expectations, either from her English upbringing or from the fact that raising five kids had turned her home into Grand Central Station. “Just come on by!” she would say every time. “You don’t have to call, you’re family.”

She knew. We knew. But the dance always continued.

It’s all in what you’re used to.  You do what makes you comfortable.

And these days, that’s true of NextLight, too. 

For a long time, there was only one way for people to sign up for NextLight: call 303-651-8386 and talk to our customer service team. That option’s still there, and aNextLight Customer Connection Desk lot of people still use it. But some folks are like Grandma Val – why call, when you can just drop on by?

For those customers, we now have a dedicated NextLight customer service desk in the lobby of the Longmont Service Center, 1100 S. Sherman St.  If you like having face-to-face contact, pay us a visit between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays and we’ll welcome you into the NextLight family in person.

If your usual visiting is more digital in nature, we’ve still got you covered. If you’ve moved into a house that already has NextLight fiber and just needs the service activated, you can get connected online by following the link on our NextLight home page. Quick, simple, no fuss.

So it’s your call. (Or visit, or click.) Do what makes you comfortable. Either way, we’ll be glad to see you.

And that’s no song and dance.

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