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It's time to peruse the power. To know the NextLight. And that means it's time to plug into More Power To You, LPC's weekly blog! We post here once a week with thoughts and tips related to your community-owned electric and internet utilities ... and often with a little fun and humor besides. Come on in and get connected!


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Read All About It!

by Scott Rochat02/07/2020 3:36 PM
Updated: 02/07/2020

I spent a lot of years as a newspaper reporter. Or, in other words, I was an information junkie before it was cool.

It might be the breaking news off the AP wire. Or a cool feature in a national magazine. Heading out for lunch might include an interesting interview on the car radio, while relaxing with a book at home could turn up a weird bit of trivia to spring on the editor tomHead with interconnected circuity insideorrow.

The best part was that none of it existed in isolation. Put enough information in your mind and it can start to interconnect, referencing and reinforcing each other. It becomes like the Force in Star Wars, living, growing, binding the world together and sometimes turning parts of it upside down. (Though I have to confess that opportunities to wield a lightsaber remain disappointingly rare.)

And that was before the social media revolution. Now there’s more than ever to consider and evaluate. Not every source is the same quality, of course – some are Yoda-level while others are distinctly Jar-Jar Binks – but with enough good pieces, it’s still possible to build the living, self-supporting structure.

For LPC, this blog is one of those pieces that can help build a better picture of who we are and what we do. Our LPC website is another, and I’ve pointed to information from both our electric utility and our NextLight™ internet service more than once. We’ve even got a Kids Corner with some great electrical information.

There’s also another piece that sometimes gets overlooked. LPC offers two electronic newsletters, PowerOutlet for residential customers and PowerSource for commercial ones. Each issue presents a few brief pieces, much shorter than this blog. (Especially on the weeks when I get long-winded.) But they’re also good for learning news you might not have heard, seeing pointers or reminders that might have slipped your notice, and linking to information on our website (including, sometimes, this blog!) that can be of use.

Curious? Just follow this link to subscribe and then fill out the form. You’ll get an email in your box every other month (for PowerOutlet) or every quarter (for PowerSource). There’s no cost, other than a couple of minutes of your time.

Check it out. Add a few more connections. Feel the Force. And if you happen to find that lightsaber, let me know.

After all, even information junkies need to geek out every now and then.    

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