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1st Ever Strider Bike Race

Post Date:09/07/2017 9:00 am

Thanks to our sponsors, TCBY and Play It Again Sports Longmont, we're thrilled to announce the first ever Strider® Rough Riders race in Longmont! Using 2-wheeled glider bikes designed specifically for preschool aged children to learn to ride, Longmont's tiniest bikers will also get a taste of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the excitement of riding with others their own age.

Balance bikes are catching on as parents and guardians realize the incredible benefits of teaching toddlers to balance on their own glider starting as young as 2 years old. These bikes are lightweight, appropriately sized, and have no pedals. Designed for preschool aged children, balance bikes help develop the vestibular (balance) and proprioceptive (where the body is in space) senses in young children, and lay the foundation for a love of cycling for the rest of their lives. 

Though many parents often think to start off on tricycles or training wheels, such support often undermines a child's ability to learn to balance, offering a false sense of security and, eventually, a child must "unlearn" how to ride a supported bike if they're going to graduate to a regular pedal bicycle. In contrast, glider bikes develop the core strength, leg muscles, and balance necessary to enjoy bicycling right away, and the transition to a pedal bike is easy! 

This adorable event for our tiniest bikers will be held at Willow Farm Park Barn on Saturday, October 7th at 9:30 am. Pre-registration is required, and the entry fee is $15. Race is for ages 2-5, and a glider and helmet are required to participate. For more information, call 303-651-8404. To register now, visit our registration page using keyword "strider" for mobile devices. 


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