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Longmont Grants Four Licenses to Operate Marijuana Establishments

Post Date:07/02/2018 11:34 AM

The City of Longmont Marijuana Licensing Authority has completed the process to grant four licenses to operate marijuana establishments per Longmont Municipal Code 6.70. Selected license holders are as follows:

  • The Green Solution – 206 S. Main St. 
  • The Medicine Man – 500 E. Rogers Rd. 
  • Terrapin Care Station – 650 20th Ave.         
  • Yuma Way – 900 S. Hover St., Unit A

The ordinance providing for the selection of four marijuana stores was approved by City Council on March 21, 2017. The ordinance can be found online at

Following adoption of the ordinance and establishment of a process for selecting license holders, the City of Longmont began accepting submissions for “Expressions of Interest,” which included a cover letter, associated fees, background information, a site control plan, business plan, security plan, community outreach plan, odor management plan and two optional plans.

The City received 13 applications for marijuana establishments by the deadline of November 29, 2017. These applications were first reviewed by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division of the State of Colorado. The deadline for the State to notify the City whether or not the applications had been either conditionally approved or rejected was March 29, 2018. All 13 applications were approved by the State of Colorado.

The applications were then reviewed by the City of Longmont’s Marijuana Technical Advisory Committee comprised of City of Longmont subject matter experts who reviewed individual sections of the submissions. (See Technical Advisory Committee Reports.) The City also entered into an agreement with the Boulder Small Business Development to review and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business plans for each of the applicants. The Technical Advisory Committee completed its review on May 22 and provided their findings to the Selection Division comprised of Municipal Court Judge Robert Frick, Community Services Director Karen Roney and Public Safety Chief Mike Butler. The Selection Division performed its independent review and due diligence of the applications and the Authority issued notice of the four licenses on Monday.

The applicants will have 60 days to confirm their continued interest in being granted one of these licenses.

See more information about Longmont's Marijuana Regulations.


Timeline for the Application Process


November 9:

  • City releases the Request for Expressions of Interest to apply for one of four marijuana licenses

    November 29:

  • Deadline for submitting applications for marijuana licenses to City of Longmont
  • Deadline to confirm appointments with Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to submit an application to the State for a Longmont marijuana license

December 29:

  • Deadline to submit State application to State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division



    January 26 - February 16:

  • Public comment period for citizens to comment on individual applications or the process in general 


    March 29:

  • Deadline for Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to notify the City of Longmont that the 13 Longmont marijuana applications have been either conditionally approved or rejected


  • City of Longmont reviews applications


  • City of Longmont announces four businesses selected for licensure

Highlights of the Longmont Marijuana Establishment Ordinance

Marijuana Licensing Authority

  • Municipal Judge acts on behalf of the authority

    Marijuana Selection Division

  • Members
    • Municipal Court Judge
    • Director of Community Services
    • Public Safety Chief
  • Duties
    • Adopts rules of procedure
    • Selects four marijuana stores to operate in Longmont
    • Approves or denies renewals, changes to business location/structure/facilities
  • Staff of the Authority and Selection Division
    • Legal counsel—City Attorney
    • Secretary—City Clerk
    • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)—representatives from Police, Fire, Planning, Community & Neighborhood Resources, City Manager’s Office, City Clerk’s Office, Finance Department, Boulder Small Business Development Center
      • Review applications
      • Provide recommendations to Selection Division

Application Requirements

  • General Conditions
    • Must be at least 250 feet from of a residentially zoned area and 1000 feet of any K-12 school
    • Allowed in Commercial, Regional Commercial, Mixed Industrial and Business Light Industrial Zones
    • One application per physical location/address
    • One application per company; people with ownership interest can apply for one license
    • Recreational and Dual Recreational/Medical Licenses allowed; Medical-only license prohibited
    • Allowed hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily
  • Cover letter—one page
  • Check with Operating Fees for year one of operation
    • Checks to be cashed only if license granted
  • Background of applicants, owners, directors and key staff
    • Background checks
    • Photo IDs
    • Fingerprints
    • Statement of violations and penalties for any infractions or offenses related to any other marijuana establishment
  • Site control plan
    • Detailed description, address, floor plan, and vicinity map of the proposed location
    • Description of site improvements proposed and the land development approvals required
    • Zoning verification letter from City Planning Division
    • Proof of applicant site control (i.e. proof of ownership or conditional lease)
  • Business Plan
    • Description of the business, past experience in the marijuana industry or other industries, a market analysis, and a marketing plan
    • Description of management and operations including staffing plans, hours of operation
    • Financial information, proof of banking relationship, liquid assets of $250,000, financial projections, sources of funds including identity of all financiers
    • Description of applicant’s experience operating licensed marijuana businesses
  • Security Plan
    • Evidence that the premises will comply with all security and video surveillance requirements
    • Site plan with security aspects noted
    • Floor plan/building plan with security aspects noted
    • Security training plan for employees and incident management information
    • Delivery, opening and closing procedures
    • Plans for disposing of unused product and plans for preventing underage sales
  • Community Outreach Plan
    • History of community and neighborhood involvement
    • Policies and procedures to address community concerns and complaints
    • Designated point of contact for questions and concerns
    • Measures to mitigate impacts to the neighborhood
  • Odor management plan
  • Optional Plans
    • Relationship of establishment to Envision Longmont and Longmont Sustainability Plans
    • Employment plan describing commitment to a diverse workforce of Longmont residents

Factors Considered in the Selection Process

  • Whether the application is for a location already licensed by the state and serving as a retail marijuana store outside the city and proposed to be annexed into the city
  • Applicant’s experience operating a licensed marijuana business in Colorado, including compliance with state and local laws, or violations thereof
  • Moral character of the applicant and the applicant’s officers, directors, owners, or employees
  • Impact of the proposed establishment on the neighborhood surrounding the proposed location, the community as a whole, and the natural environment, and the applicant’s commitment to take specific measures to mitigate such impacts
  • Convenience of the proposed location to the residents of the city, considering any synergies, redundancies, or conflicts posed by the proposed locations of other applications and existing establishments
  • Compatibility of the proposed location with the surrounding properties, including aesthetic considerations
  • Apparent conformity of the application to the zoning of the proposed location, as an initial matter and with the understanding that full land use review would follow the award of a conditional license
  • Diversity of retail choices the applications would bring to the city
  • Applicant’s ability to demonstrate, through a business plan, its ability to operate and develop the proposed establishment in a highly regulated industry
  • Applicant’s demonstrated ability to operate an effective and lawful analogous business in the city
  • Diversity of ownership of the selected applications, including consideration of ownership of any active licenses or establishments outside but near the city limits
  • Quality and detail of the proposed security plan, business plan, community outreach plan, and any sustainability or employment plan
  • Clarity of the applicant’s site control of the proposed location
  • The potential for crime in the proposed location
  • Degree of detail and completeness provided in the application, and the extent to which the application includes false or misleading information
  • Other unique benefits the application would present to the inhabitants of the city.


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