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Solutions for Back to School Traffic

Post Date:08/14/2018 1:30 PM

Wednesday, August 15, marks the first day of classes for thousands of students across the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD). How those students get to school is becoming a more important question than ever before. Unfortunately, in addition to clean shoes and crisp folders, back to school also now commonly brings to mind traffic jams and parking woes. We’ve become expectant of more cars on the roadways vying for the same space at the same time, day after day. That, though, is not the modern fate we’re all now destined to endure. The City of Longmont would like to remind school travelers that there are many ways to make a change for the better.

Don't like all the traffic/chaos of school drop-off/pick-up? Be a part of the solution!

  1. Walk, bike or roll. Research has proven that kids who walk/bike/scoot to school are more attentive all day long. Visit to find the City of Longmont Bicycle & Trails map, plus a map of current trail closures.
    1. Tip: Make walking FUN - learn the flowers/meet the dogs/eat breakfast en route.
  2. Create Walking School Buses and Bicycle Trains. Organize a group of children walking or bicycling to school with one or more adults. It can be as informal as two families taking turns walking their children to school or as structured as a planned route with meeting points, a timetable and a schedule of trained volunteers.
  3. Park the park and walk the walk. Leave the car at a park near school and walk the final few blocks; fresh air, quality time with the kiddo(s) and a bit of exercise is good for the whole family – bring the pup, too!
    1. Variation: park at a friend’s house near school and walk together, enjoying the social time for kids and parents.
  4. Give Transit a Try. Take a ride on an RTD bus (it’s free in Longmont!) or the Call-n-Ride to School system with your child; visit and start planning your trip.
  5. Consider Carpooling. Set up carpools with friends and neighbors that are going to the same school. Carpooling is also a great back-up to have on bad weather days when bicycling or walking aren’t as enjoyable.
  6. Set realistic goals. Using an alternative mode just once or twice a week has beneficial results – small actions across many families can make big changes.

Each of us contributes to the chaos when we drive a car to the front of the school. Fewer cars and more pedestrians, bicycles and scooters increases safety and enjoyment for all. Visit the City’s School Safety webpage at for more information, including Safe Routes to School maps and resources.

And, for those that may still opt to drive…

Reminder: Please do be aware that there are many kids walking and biking. Protect their safety by respecting the speed limit, keeping crosswalks clear and generally traveling with caution and alertness.

Illegal courtesies: Sometimes when driving, you may see someone stopped and waiting to cross the street. With the best of intentions, you may slow down and wave this person on. However, not only is this illegal, but it puts the pedestrian in an unsafe and precarious situation. Please obey the traffic laws, act predictably and don't risk the ticket or the danger to the pedestrian.

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