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Current Colorado Smoke Outlook

Air Quality

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Air QualityAir quality impacts our quality of life in numerous ways. Poor outdoor air quality can decrease visibility and negatively impact our respiratory health. Outdoor air pollution is generated by fires, construction, and street maintenance, as well as chemical pollutants generated by vehicles, oil and gas operations, and even spilling gas at the fueling station.

Steps to Better Air


Outdoor Air Quality

Reducing gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle miles is an important step to improving outdoor air quality. You can reduce your vehicle miles by walking, bicycling, carpooling, using public transit, or driving an electric vehicle.

Track Your Impact with Simple Steps Better Air.

Monitor how you travel with Every Trip Counts.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor household ventilation can decrease indoor air quality by inhibiting adequate outdoor air flow to dilute indoor emissions and removing indoor pollutants.

Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Air

City of Longmont

Radon is a toxic odorless gas that naturally occurs from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Check out a
Radon Gas Detector from the front desk of the City of Longmont Public Library. Contact the Library for more information.

Boulder County

Oil and Gas Development and Air Quality in Boulder County

Colorado and Other Regional Organizations

CDPHE Air Quality Monitoring, Modeling and Data for Colorado.

CDPHE Motor Vehicles Emissions program for controlling air pollution in Colorado.
Explore regional initiatives with the Denver and North Front Range Regional Air Quality Council.

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