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WaterWater in a semi-arid climate is an especially valuable resource that supports life, provides habitat, and serves basic community needs. A sustainable community water supply is one that is reliable, clean, and sufficient for current and future needs, and responsibly managed to reduce negative environmental impacts. Longmont, like other communities along the Front Range, will see increased water demands in the future and has been planning for and developing a sustainable water supply for years.

Water Conservation

Longmont is committed to responsible, environmentally sound, and efficient use our precious natural resources. Efficient water use is an essential step to maintaining the local quality of life in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Learn about the many ways to conserve water in Longmont on the Water Conservation webpage, including:

  • Water Efficiency Master Plan
  • Water Efficiency Rebates

Opportunities are also available from Longmont’s nonprofit partner, Resource Central:

  • Water-Wise Landscaping Seminars
  • Free Sprinkler inspections
  • Garden in a Box

Water Supply Management

Learn about Water Resources & Supply for the City of Longmont, including

  • Raw Water Master Plan
  • Water Supply and Drought Management Plan

Water Quality

Read the Longmont Annual Water Quality Report to learn about the water you drink.

Watershed Management

Longmont is currently working to ensure that the City has sufficient access to reliable, clean water for current and future needs by helping to maintain the health of our watershed.

Watershed Preservation


Resilient St. Vrain, Longmont’s extensive, multi-year project to protect people and property from future flooding.

Stormwater Quality Program, prevents pollutants from entering our creeks and waterways via the storm drains.


Longmont is part of the Keep it Clean Partnership, a regional partnership devoted to addressing stormwater pollution and watershed management.

Longmont participates in Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District’s emerging contaminants monitoring program, which monitors the Colorado Big Thompson and Windy Gap Projects, as well as Longmont’s specific drinking water sources.

Help Improve Stormwater Quality

Daily activities can impact the quality of our watersheds.  Below are the top five recommendations for keeping pollutants out of our creeks and streams.

  1. Properly Dispose of Waste – Never wash waste down the storm drain.
  2. Doo Good – Always pick up pet waste and put it in the trash.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance – Fix vehicle leaks and clean up spills using dry clean-up methods.
  4. Lawn and Garden – Use fertilizer and weed control sparingly. Keep leaves and grass clippings off the street and sidewalk.
  5. Car Washing – Wash your car at a commercial car wash instead of your driveway.

Community Resilience

Learn how you can prepare and become more resilient to potential future floods >

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