Museum Advisory Board

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The Museum Advisory Board consists of nine (9) members who are appointed to serve three (3) year terms with the Museum Manager serving as an ex-officio member.

The board's purpose is to advise City Council in the development and use of the municipal museum, the Longmont Museum.

Meeting Time and Place

Third Wednesday of every month
Longmont Museum, upstairs Conference Room
400 Quail Road
4:30 pm

 June 20, 2018 Minutes  Agenda
 July 18, 2018 Minutes  Agenda
 August 15, 2018 Meeting cancelled   
 September 20, 2018 Minutes   Agenda
 October 17, 2018 Minutes   Agenda
 November 21, 2018 Meeting cancelled   
 December 19, 2019 Minutes   Agenda
 January 16, 2019 Minutes   Agenda 
 February 20, 2019 Meeting cancelled


 March 20, 2019 Minutes   
 April 17, 2019 Minutes 
 May 15, 2019 Minutes 

Meeting Minutes Archives:

To view older documents, please visit our Public Records portal online.

Staff Liaisons:

Kim Manajek, Museum Director
Joann McCoy, Executive Assistant

You may get in touch with Board members by contacting the staff liaison.

Board Members: Board Member

Board Member
Term Expiration
Board Member
Term Expiration
Brydon Cooke
       06/30/2019 Kristyle Solomon
Dale Gilbert        06/30/2019         Dale Bernard        06/30/2021
Rhea Moriarity
       06/30/2019      Kristina Carlson        06/30/2021  
Brandy Coons        06/30/2020          Eve Lacey         06/30/2021   
Amber Shipco         06/30/2020 
Bonnie Finley
City Council Liaison

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