Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda, May 22, 2019

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DATE: May 22, 2019
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: City Council Chambers, Civic Center Complex, 3rd Ave. and Emery St.


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Communications

4. Public invited to be heard

5. Approval of the minutes:

April 17, 2019 - Regular meeting

The following are public hearing items:

6. Peakview Estates Annexation, PZR 2019-6, Senior Planner Karen Bryant

Proposal: Annexation review for an approximately 7 acre parcel with proposed R-SF zoning.

Location: 2725 W 9th Avenue

PZ Communication - Peakview Estates Annexation
Attachment 1 – PZ Resolutions 2019-6
Attachment 2 - Applicant's submittal materials (including Cover Letter and Review Criteria Analysis)
Attachment 3 - Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, Letters from Referral Agencies, Certifications of Sign Postings and Mailings and Public Correspondence
Attachment 4 - Vicinity Map
Attachment 5 - Annexation and Zoning Map
Attachment 6 - Concept Plan
Attachment 7 - Landscape Rendering

7. Mountain Brook Preliminary Subdivision Plat, PZR 2019-7, Principal Planner Brien Schumacher

Proposal: Preliminary plat for 110 detached one-family units, 8 attached duplex residential units, 25 multifamily detached units, 149 townhomes and a future phase for multifamily apartments or condominiums.

Location: South of Rogers Road between Hover Road and Airport Road

PZ Communication - Mountain Brook Preliminary Subdivision Plat
Attachment 1 - PZ Resolutions 2019-7
Attachment 2 - Applicant cover letter and review criteria statement
Attachment 3 - Neighborhood meeting summary
Attachment 4 - Referral agency correspondence
Attachment 5 - Historic Preservation Commission memo and meeting minutes
Attachment 6 - Public correspondence
Attachment 7 - Certifications of sign postings and mailings
Attachment 8 - Vicinity map
Attachment 9 - Annexation concept plan – Rogers Road Property conceptual land use plan
Attachment 10 - Planning and Zoning Commission meeting minutes from annexation review
Attachment 11.1 - Preliminary subdivision plat sheets
Attachment 11.2 - Preliminary subdivision plat sheets
Attachment 11.3 - Preliminary subdivision plat sheets
Attachment 12 - Rogers Road northeast access exhibit
Attachment 13 - Local road future extension exhibit
Attachment 14 - Airport airspace-building height analysis exhibit 


8. Update on the Main Street Corridor Plan, Principal Planner Erin Fosdick

9. Final call – public invited to be heard

10. Items from the Commission

11. Items from the Council Representative

12. Items from the Planning & Development Services Director

13. Adjournment

2019 Planning and Zoning Commission schedule
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If you need special assistance in order to participate in the Planning and Zoning meeting, please contact the Planning Division at 303-651-8330 in advance of the meeting to make arrangements.
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