Impact and Development Fees

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What are impact fees?  Impact fees are charges imposed upon new development as a condition of development approval to pay for a proportionate share of the cost of improvements to the City’s infrastructure necessary to serve new growth and development.

Who is required to pay the impact fees?  All new development and additional finished square feet added to existing structure in the City where a building permit is applied for.

Is the impact fee a one-time payment or is it recurring?  Impact fees are one-time payments used to construct system improvements needed to accommodate new development. 

How will the money from impact fees be used?  Impact fees are collected to provide public services to a new development, fund capital improvements required to serve growth, and to benefit new development by maintaining current levels of service. 

For information on the Impact Fee Deferral Program, please visit our Deferred Fees page.

Please contact Building Inspection at (303) 651-8332 or with questions about fees or to obtain a fee estimate.

Transportation Impact Fee


Per Housing Unit  Fee
All Units by Sq. Ft.

800 or less


801 to 1,600


1,601 to 2,400


2,401 to 3,200


3,201 to 4,000


4,001 or more

Non Residential Per Square Foot of Floor Area
Commercial   $2.83
Office and Other Services   $1.22
Industrial   $0.39
Institutional   $1.12

Recreation Buildings Investment Fees

Residential   Per Housing Unit
 All Units By Sq. Ft.
   800 or less    $554.12
   801 to 1,600    $894.33
     1,601 to 2,400    $1,086.85
     2,401 to 3,200    $1,224.36
     3,201 to 4,000    $1,330.29
     4,001 or more    $1,416.87

Parks Improvement Fee

 Permit Type

Parks Improvement Fee

$5,874.83 per single family detached residential unit (as of 1/2019)

$2,881.79 per other residential (as of 1/2019)

Storm Drainage Fee

 Permit Type

Storm Drainage Fee

$923.31 per single family permit, $.1507 per impervious square foot on multi-family and non-residential permits (as of 1/1/2019)

The above fees are updated on or around January 1st of each year but may change at any point throughout the year as directed. We will work hard to keep them as current as possible on our Web Page. Please contact the Building Inspection office for most current fees, (303) 651-8332.


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