Miscellaneous Inspections and Other Fees

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The information found on this page specifically shows the various Residential and Commercial miscellaneous fees, Inspections and Additional Plan review, Foundation only, Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, Investigations, and Variance Requests. Please contact Building Inspection at (303) 651-8332 or with questions about fees or to obtain a fee estimate.


Miscellaneous Inspections and Other Fees

 Inspection Type                              

Temporary construction power


Residential service change


Electrical permit for signs-added to the sign permit


Polycart Escrow Fee
$119 per residential unit ($42.50 for solid waste container and $76.50 for recycling containers)

Annual certificate of inspection/elevators (installation fees include charges for first year's annual inspection)


Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge - two (2) hours)

$80 per hour

Re-inspection fees

$80 per hour

Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge one hour)

$80 per hour

Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to plans (minimum charge - one hour).

$47 per hour

Use of outside consultants for plan checking and inspections, or both

Actual costs (including administrative and overhead costs)

Fees for other miscellaneous permits and commercial work not listed above shall be based on actual contract value of the work from the primary fee table.

Foundation Only Permits

 Dwelling Type

One- and two-family buildings


Multi-Family buildings


Commercial buildings


Other Permits-Residential/Commercial 

 Permit Type

Air Conditioners* & Evaporative coolers



$50 (minor-interior)

$100 (major-building)

Furnace Replacement* & Boilers


Gas Logs/ Gas Inserts/Gas Fireplaces


Hot Tubs & Above-Ground Pools




Lawn Sprinklers


Residential Elevator or Dumbwaiter

Commercial Lifts or Elevators





Special Event Signs


Thermal Insulation


Water Heaters


Wood Burning Stoves/Fireplaces**/Inserts/Pellet Stoves


*    If permit application includes furnace and A/C, the fee is $50.

**   A surcharge of $250 is added for wood burning fireplaces.

Fees for plumbing permits, mechanical permits, electrical permits, and other miscellaneous permits and commercial work not listed above shall be based on actual contract amount of the work from the primary fee table.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Fees

Occupancy Type  Fee

For all buildings or portions thereof - original and extension TCO

$100/per TCO*


* $50 will be refunded if a certificate of occupancy is issued prior to the expiration of the temporary certificate of occupancy or any extensions thereof.

Investigation Fees

Whenever work for which a permit is required is started before a permit is issued, an investigative fee, equal to the cost of the permit fee, shall be paid whether or not a permit is issued.

Variance Requests

 Variance Type

Board of Adjustment - 1 Family Dwelling


Board of Adjustment - Over 1 Family and Commercial


Board of Adjustment - Sign Variance


Board of Adjustment - Extension or reconstruction of non-conforming

use or structure


Master Board of Appeals Hearing


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