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Accessory Buildings -- Calling for Inspections

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Please refer to PERMITS for an overview of the permit process.


Requests for inspection are recorded on the Building Inspection Selectron system by calling (303) 774-4595. You will need your permit number and inspection card. Follow the voice mail prompts. Inspections are usually made on the following day, it is wise to anticipate when they need to be made to prevent delays. If you have additional questions, please contact Building Inspection at (303) 651-8332.

No inspection will be made on subcontracted work done by an unlicensed subcontractor.

You should not proceed to cover-up any work that has not been inspected. Although you may request either morning or afternoon inspection times, it may not be possible to schedule a specific time for the inspector to be there. You SHOULD NOT schedule any concrete or other major work for the same day as the inspection to avoid costly problems. Inspections must be called in the day before needed in order to efficiently schedule and route the Field Inspectors.

Please have all animals including dogs under control and not in the areas to be inspected. Inspections may not be made if there are animals running loose and a re-inspection fee may be required if this occurs.

The final inspection is the last step in the inspection process, and is your certification that the work has been satisfactorily completed according to building code.

Footing inspections requirements

  • Site address posted during entire construction.
  • Inspection Record Card in plain sight.
  • Approved plans and site plan on site.
  • Lot Lines clearly marked with string lines or otherwise.
  • Footing/Foundation forms and reinforcement in place.
  • Erosion control in place.

Framing inspections requirements

  • Inspection Record Card posted on site.
  • Approved plans on site.
  • Engineer stamped and signed truss plans.
  • Trash enclosure on site to prevent litter and blowing trash.
  • Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical roughed in (if any).
  • All framing, fire blocking and bracing done.
  • Plumbing/Mechanical/Electric
  • Underground Plumbing, Gas Line, Rough Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical roughed in.

Insulation inspections requirements

  • Inspection Record Card posted on site.
  • Any other work that may be covered up inspected and approved.
  • Insulation and Vapor retarder installed.

Final Inspection requirements

  • Inspection Record Card posted on site.
  • All Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Framing work done and approved.
  • Final Grading and paving including any required driveways done.




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