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Please refer to PERMITS for an overview of the permit process.

General Information on Fence Construction

Plot Plan

Show all setbacks and fence location dimensions. Show the property lines and dimensions in relationship to your home and the proposed location of the fence.

Please fill in the backside of the Permit Application with the following required information or attach a separate sheet of paper to your application:

  • North Arrow
  • Property Address
  • Property owner's name
  • Lot dimensions
  • Easements, right-of-ways and adjoining street name(s)
  • Curb cuts, paving, parking and sidewalk locations
  • Location of fence, house, detached garages and sheds. Show dimensions and distances to property lines.
  • Location of water, sewer, electric and gas meters, (fence not to block access)
  • Drainage pattern (fence not to interfere)

Please be aware that all fencing must be built to code as far as setbacks, and required yards are concerned, which means that there may be some locations on the property where a privacy fence would not be allowed to be constructed.

Front Yard Fences On Individual Lots Or Parcels

Fences, barriers, walls, or other obstruction shall not be placed or constructed in the front building setback area unless they comply with the following criteria:

  • The fence or wall is at least fifty (50) percent transparent (not opaque) and does not exceed forty-two (42) inches in height; or
  • In the front yard of one- or two family dwellings, the fence is a picket fence that is at least fifty (50) percent transparent and does not exceed forty-two (42) inches in height.
  • All fences shall have the finished (smooth) side facing the public right-of-way, common open space, or other public areas, as applicable.
  • Chain-link or other woven-wire fences are prohibited in the front yard of a lot or parcel located in a residential zoning district, except for temporary chain-link/woven-wire fences used during construction and replacement of existing (non-conforming) fences.

Corner Lots - Street Line Fences

On any corner lot in any residential zone, no fence, barrier, wall or other obstruction shall be placed or constructed between the street right-of-way line and the front setback line of the adjacent lot fronting on such street, except for the following:

  • The fence or wall shall be not less than eighty (80) percent transparent, except that picket fences in the yard or a one-or-two family dwelling shall be not less than fifty (50) percent transparent
  • the fence shall not exceed forty-two inches in height
  • see an example of corner lot setbacks

Height Limits

Except as stated or limited in section 15.05.110 of the Longmont Land Development Code, the maximum height for fences and walls shall be six (6) feet for fences/walls located on residential property and eight (8) feet for all other fences and walls.

Zone District Setback Requirements

Zone District 
  Estate Residential
  E1, E2 R1, R2, R3, RLE
Front Yard
PLEASE NOTE: If the property is in a Planned Unit Development District (PUD), the Setbacks are as specified on the Plat Map for the development. You may call Building Inspection for setback information.

Wood Species

Any species of wood may be used for fencing above ground provided that any wood in contact with concrete or earth should be either pressure treated or having natural resistance to decay. Fences constructed of barbed wire, tin or sheet metal, or partly of any of those materials, are prohibited in all zone districts.


Embedded in the concrete or earth a minimum of 24" deep and 8' maximum apart. Posts are 4" X 4" or larger. Redwood, Cedar or pressure treated lumber is suggested.


Electric meters located on the front 1/4th of the house may not be fenced in. Fences should not block entry to meter locations or fire hydrants or be constructed in easements where periodic access for maintenance or drainage precludes blocking. Gates need to be provided for access to utility meters.

Sight Distance Triangle

Fences shall not interfere with the public safety, and shall not interfere with the safe movement of motor vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians. In order to preserve sight distance an unobstructed view shall be maintained within the triangular sight distance area on your property.

The triangular sight distance area is measured as follows:

  • At the intersection of two streets, or where a street intersects an alley: a triangle defined by measuring thirty feet in length along each curb or edge of roadway from their point of intersection, the third side being a diagonal line connecting the first two.
  • At the intersection of the street and a driveway: a triangle defined by measuring fifteen feet in length along the edge of the driveway and along each curb or edge of roadway from their point of intersection, the third side being a diagonal line connecting the first two.
  • See an example of sight distance triangle
Within this triangular area no fences or landscaping LESS than 50% open, shall exceed a height of thirty-six inches above the grade of the lower roadway.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Fencing or other landscape elements are excepted from the thirty-six inch height limitation provided the fence or other elements do not exceed forty-two inches and are at least fifty percent open so that sight distance is not impaired

All swimming pools and ornamental ponds and pools having a depth greater than twenty-four inches and all hot tubs and spas shall be enclosed by fencing of a type that is not readily accessible by children and that contains no opening larger than four inches. Fencing shall be not less than four feet in height and, if equipped with a gate, shall have a latch according to the City’s adopted building code. In lieu of fencing, spas and hot tubs may have a lockable cover capable of supporting a minimum of one hundred fifty pounds, and such cover shall be locked when such spa or hot tub is not in use. Any fence constructed under this subsection shall comply with the rules and regulations governing fencing.

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