Are you searching for a list of current liquor licensees in the City of Longmont? Do you need to know if a liquor license has been renewed? Or, are you wondering if your renewed license has been sent to you yet?

Check or download the City's Liquor License Renewal Tracking Sheet (updated 9/24/18).

In the State of Colorado, obtaining a retail liquor license is a dual process beginning at the local level which requires review and approval from the Local Licensing Authority prior to review by the State Liquor Enforcement Division. The Local Licensing Authority holds monthly meetings at which applications are reviewed and then approved or denied.


The City of Longmont's Local Licensing Authority (commonly referred to as The Liquor Licensing Authority or LLA) is Municipal Judge Robert Frick. The Deputy City Clerk serves as the official secretary to the Local Licensing Authority and receives and processes all liquor license applications. The Deputy City Clerk is available to answer questions you have about the process and to provide clarification about the requirements and fees but is not able to provide you with legal advice.

Agendas for any meeting of the LLA are posted at the west entrance to the Civic Center at 350 Kimbark St., Longmont, Colorado. They are also posted on the City's website for the public's convenience.



Codes, Rules & Regulations:


  • Anyone needing to have their fingerprints taken MUST MAKE A RESERVATION ONLINE USING THE LINK BELOW. Please be aware that no same day reservations can be made.
  • Fingerprints are done by appointment only at: Longmont Safety and Justice Center, 225 Kimbark St.
  • >> Schedule a fingerprinting appointment online <<
    • Select a date and time from the listing of available dates and times
    • There is no cost to make the reservation and there is no cost for the fingerprints themselves
    • Take a picture ID and indicate to the person taking fingerprints that you are being fingerprinted in conjunction with a liquor license application
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