Looking for an Employee Badge to work in a marijuana licensed establishment?  Check the State of Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division website for information, forms, MED office location, and information regarding how to make an appointment and what to bring with you. 


The City of Longmont regulates three distinct categories of marijuana. This webpage covers the Retail Sales of Marijuana.  Click on any category below to be taken to regulations regarding other categories.

Retail Marijuana Licenses

On October 10, 2017, Longmont City Council approved an ordinance allowing retail sales of marijuana. The four stores were selected by the Marijuana Selection Division and are governed by the Marijuana Licensing Authority (the Authority).  The Authority grants two types of licenses: recreational marijuana licenses and dual recreational/medical licenses. Stores that sell only medical marijuana are not allowed.  The City of Longmont's Licensing Coordinator is the secretary to the Marijuana Licensing Authority. 

For questions regarding marijuana licensing or the Marijuana Licensing Authority, contact the Licensing Coordinator at: (303) 651-8650 or via email.

Longmont Marijuana Authority Issues Order Naming Longmont Marijuana Establishments

On July 2, 2018, the Longmont Marijuana Authority issued the notice below which named the four businesses that were granted licenses to open marijuana establishments in Longmont. To view the order click the link below.

An Order of the Longmont Marijuana Licensing Authority

To view the Technical Advisory Committee report for these applications, click the link below.

Technical Advisory Committee Reports

To see the news release announcing the four businesses that were granted licenses, click the link below.

Longmont Grants Four Licenses to Operate Marijuana Establishments

Ordinances Governing Marijuana Sales and Licensing

On October 10, 2017, the Longmont City Council approved amendments to the Longmont Code or Ordinances regulating marijuana sales. Click here to view the ordinance.

Click here for highlights of the approved marijuana ordinance. This document is not comprehensive and does not contain all regulations noted in the ordinance above.

Fees Regarding Marijuana Licensing

On October 10, 2017, the Longmont City Council approved a resolution establishing fees for marijuana licensing, operating fees, renewals and other related fees. Click here to view the resolution and fee schedule in Exhibit A.

Meetings of the Marijuana Licensing Authority

The Municipal Judge is the Marijuana Licensing Authority (the Authority) as established by Longmont Municipal Code. Due to the limited number of retail licenses in the City of Longmont, the Authority will not schedule monthly meetings but will instead post meetings and agendas on this webpage as the need arises, in accordance with Colorado Open Meetings Laws.

Minutes of the March 8, 2019 MLA Hearing

Minutes of the May 9, 2019 MLA Hearing

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