MISSION STATEMENT – “The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to proactively protecting the health, safety and welfare of all who live in, work in and visit Longmont through enforcement of city codes and zoning regulations.”

Longmont Code Enforcement Inspectors work with citizens to ensure public health and quality of life are not compromised by violations to specific ordinances. These ordinances were written and enacted to protect the health and safety of all residents, businesses and visitors to the City. Action on a specific violation may be initiated either by a complaint to the City or by observation of the violation by a Code Enforcement Inspector.

It is important for residents, property owners and business owners to take an active role in maintaining and improving the condition of properties in their neighborhood by knowing the codes and ordinances that affect their property and businesses.  For more information, please visit our Code Violations page.

Do you have a Code Enforcement concern? Click here to report it.

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