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Code Violations

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Common Code Violations

Below is a list of common code violations, with a brief description of each. For more information, please click on the name of the violation and you will be taken to the section of the Municipal Code that covers that violation.

Junk and Debris:  Any trash, scrap-material, appliances, dismantled machinery, or old furniture must be kept inside a completely enclosed structure or removed.

Junked Vehicles on Private Property:  Vehicles must be in working condition with all tires inflated and must bear valid license plates on private property.   One junked vehicle may be kept on private property as long as it is completely covered by a tarp or car cover.

Vehicles on City Streets:  Vehicles must be in working condition with all tires inflated and must bear valid license plates in order to be on city streets.   Vehicles on city streets should be used regularly.

Weeds and unsightly vegetation:  Weeds and grasses cannot exceed 12 inches in height.

Businesses at Home:  A business that will not adversely affect surrounding properties may operate out of a residential property.  Each business must turn in a home occupation affidavit and comply with all requirements outlined in the affidavit.

Snow and Ice:  Within 24 hours after any snow stops falling, residents are required to remove snow and ice from any public walk abutting their property.

Garage Sales:  No garage sale can continue for more than 3 consecutive days and no more than 12 days of garage sales can take place at the same location in a calendar year.

Parking in Front or Side Yards:  Vehicles can only be driven or parked on a surface of asphalt, concrete, or gravel in front and side yards that face city streets.

Number of People Living in a Home:  Up to five unrelated people can live in a single residence.  There is no limit to the number of people living together if they are related.

Signs:  All business signs in the city require permits, including temporary signs.  No signs may be displayed on city right-of-ways.

Right-of-way Obstructions:  Streets, sidewalks, and alleys need to be kept clear for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  Items such as basketball hoops or landscaping materials need to be kept on private property and not on city right-of-ways.

Dead Trees:  Any tree that is partially or completely dead or otherwise structurally unsound to the point of creating a hazard must be pruned or removed.

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