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Neighborhood Excellence Awards 2017

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Individual Attendance by Neighborhood Representatives 

  • 19 NGLA representatives achieved the designation of exceptional attendance. Each neighborhood representative participated in at least seven NGLA meetings in both 2016 and 2017.

 Representative  Neighborhood  Representative
 Suzanne Jaeger
 Aspen Grove Village
Andrew Kramer 
Prairie Village
 Warren Wang
 Clubhouse Terrace
 Jim Hahn
 Prairie Village
 Julie Emo
 Creekside  Michael Coccoli
 Quail Ridge
 Jeanie Miller
 Golden Bar
 Jan Boyers
 Shadow Grass Park
 Kenneth Miller
 Golden Bar
 Marcy Martin
 The Shores
 Lynn Karlin
 Hover Ridge
 Mike Thomas
 Sunnyvale Condominiums
 Ruth Dennhardt
 Romelle Harkin
 Twin Peaks Village
 Max Bohning
 Meadow Views 7 & 8
 Nancy Clayton
 Villas at Ute Creek
 Lee R. Phillips
 Parker Place
 Judy Walker
 West Point Neighborhood Assoc.
 Lauren McGregor
 Pleasant Valley


1. NGLA Leadership Service Recognition

These individuals committed additional time over the last year to fill leadership roles within NGLA in addition to their neighborhood responsibilities. Each of their neighborhoods receive a Leadership Service Grant to support neighborhood activities that increase a sense of community during 2018. 

  • Chairperson: Rita Gee, Reynolds Farm
  • Vice-Chairperson: Drew Kramer, Prairie Village
  • Secretary: Lynn Karlin, Hover Ridge

The Neighborhood Excellence Awards celebrate those groups and community leaders that are going beyond the norm or completing projects that are unusual, complicated, or address multiple issues simultaneously in the spirit of sustainable neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods receive a Neighborhood Excellence Award Grant to support community activities in 2018.

2. Excellence as a Community Leader: New Leadership

  • Carol Pranschke and Rachel Zelaya representing Loomiller

Carol and Rachel spent an entire year working together create the Loomiller Neighborhood group and rally support.  They hosted a great summer event in Loomiller Park even before the group was officially organized and have embraced a large, diverse community, including local businesses. They are now in charge of the largest currently registered neighborhood with over 800 households.

3. Excellence as a Community Leader: Legacy

  • Sue Bridgeman of Southmoor Park

Sue represented the combined Southmoor Park neighborhood for decades as one of the first and longest running neighborhood representatives in NGLA history (including Southmoor Park 1 after the neighborhood was divided into multiple neighborhoods). She coordinated many yearly activates that engaged the large neighborhood of over xxx households when it was combined. Activities included annual picnics and other events that celebrated the different cultures of Longmont, including hosting traditional Japanese drummers for a celebration in the neighborhood’s Kanemotto Park. She also coordinated various neighborhood improvement projects.

4. Most Individuals to Participate in Neighborhood Leadership Series Events in 2017

  • Hover Ridge represented by community leaders Lynn Karlin and Risa Booze
    • The Neighborhood Leadership Series provides the opportunity for homeowner’s association board members and community leaders to improve their knowledgebase and skill set throughout the year. The Hover Ridge neighborhood had seven different community members attended at least one NLS meeting during 2017.

5. Inventive or Impactful Solutions (3)

  • Yeager Farm: Solar Mailbox Lighting

    Community Leaders: Phil Wilson and Tim Gregoire

    • This inventive project addressed multiple issues to improve the neighborhood, including safety, access, and convenience. The result increased the ability of residents to access their common mailboxes in a safe, well-lit setting, and addressed the needs of disabled residents without creating an extra electricity burden.It required coordination between multiple partners, including the homeowners association, City of Longmont, and the United States Postal Service.
    • This project was supported by CNR through an NIP grant
  • Champion Greens: Retention Pond Improvements

    Community Leaders: Tom Smith, Lisa Knipp, and Dave & Carolyn Brodie; Project Manager Joann Roberts

    • This integrative solution addressed an area in need of beatification, while encouraging walking in the community and creating a safe and enjoyable space for residents to turn around on walks. The project included landscape improvements and the addition of a bench and path into the otherwise unused retention pond. The relatively simple solution transforms an important functional space required by the city into a community amenity that will encourage a healthier community and enhance the natural environment, while not adding any water burden to the community.
    • This project was supported by CNR through an NIP grant
  • Fox Hill II & III: Conflict Resolution

    Community Leaders: Nancy Wright and Marvin Ratzlaff

    • When a potentially explosive but common situation arose within the neighborhood between multiple neighbors, the HOA reached out to Community and Neighborhood Resources to provide conflict resolution through mediation services. The result was a model mediation that avoided intensifying the situation and came to an amenable resolution that helped bring neighbors back together, healed a growing rift, and possibly even built a stronger community.
    • Supported by CNR through mediation services

 6. NGLA Community Partner

  • City Forester, Ken Wicklund:
    • Ken Wicklund’s attention and commitment to Longmont’s neighborhoods is unmatched. For years he has made himself available to assist with neighborhood projects and goes above and beyond in supporting multiple communities each year. Many projects are beyond his preview as City Forrester but he maintains a commitment to assist community leaders enhance their neighborhoods. In 2017 alone he negotiated a tree replacement program for a historic neighborhood defined by its trees, used his vast relationships to significantly lower the cost of a large tree purchase for another neighborhood, and planted new trees in parks in partnership with neighborhood groups. And he is always excited to attend NGLA meetings to educate the representatives about the latest tree topic, such as the growing Emerald Ash Borer Beetle concern.



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