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Art In Public Places, Longmont, Colorado2019 News/New Projects


Flood Project - Installation

The flood of 2013 hit Longmont hard. In many ways, we are still recovering from this natural disaster. The Art in Public Places Commission sought to honor the flood with artwork that would celebrate resiliency, as well as the way the community and beyond came together during this difficult time. Artist Joshua Wiener was chosen by a selection panel with his proposal of "Rejuvenation," which celebrates the power of the water and the strength of the people and the community. This project is scheduled to be installed in 2020 and will be in the Dickens Farm Nature Area. 

Mural Project

AIPP completed two mural projects in 2018 and may do at least one more in 2019. To be notified of upcoming opportunities, call to artists, please sign up for our email list.


On-going Projects

Art on the Move

The current Art on the Move installations will be returned to the owners/artists in mid June to make room for Art on the Move 2019-2020 installations.

Shock Art

Shock Art 2019 has been selected and the new boxes will be painted by August. More details to come on the designs and their locations

Resilient St. Vrain Project - Art Masterplan

AIPP has contracted with NineDOTArts out of Denver to compile an Art Master Plan with input from Community members. The Resilient St. Vrain Project project spans the St. Vrain Greenway from Airport Road to Sandstone Ranch. AIPP is seeking out opportunities for artwork throughout this corridor that might complement the gorgeous natural beauty of the area, while honoring the flood and supporting community members in their movement along the trail system. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on City sites.

Two Trees

Two large trees had to be cut down to ensure safety (dead branches on top above pedestrian trails) and what better to do with them than turn them to artwork! The artwork has been selected by a community selection panel and the artwork should be completed in summer 2019.  They are located just North of the Best Buy store on the South side of the Dickens Farm Park area.

Collyer Park Project

AIPP is excited to work with selected artist DeWitt Godfrey and the Collyer Park neighbors on the selection and installation of the artwork that is scheduled to be installed during the summer of 2019.

Sunset "Big Island" Sculpture

Artist Adam Schultz of Dream Big Sculpture (Red Feather Lakes, CO) has been selected to fabricate and install a large sculpture on the "big Island" of Longs Peak Avenue between Sunset Pool and Sunset Golf Course. Installation is scheduled for summer 2019.

Conservation work

See something that doesn’t look quite right? Whether it’s broken, tagged, or a bolt may simply be out, please let us know as our small volunteer team can’t keep eyes on everything all of the time. Call 303-651-8924 or email to alert us. And THANK YOU!
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