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Callahans and Their Automobiles

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1902 - Steam-powered LocomobileHistorical photo of Callahan family with automobile

The Callahan’s first automobile was a Steam-powered Locomobile (J. Brisbane Walker Mfg. Co., Irvington-on-Hudson, NY).  Thomas picked it up in Denver and drove 3 hours to Longmont at 10 mph.

Longmont Museum Photo Archive #2008-016-014





1904 - Callahan House Automobile HouseCallahan House 1920

The Callahans built an Automobile House behind their home. Because cars didn’t have a reverse gear they installed a turntable floor to turn their new car around. Thomas Callahan preferred not to drive, so they hired a driver who lived in the Automobile House upstairs apartment.

Callahan House from Terry St., c1920 Longmont Museum Photo Archive #



1908 - Pierce-Arrow LandauletCallahan Family, Pierce Arrow, 1904

Thomas bought a Pierce-Arrow Landaulet at the Denver auto show. Unfortunately Alice wrecked it, so Thomas bought another identical auto.  ( (

Callahans and friends in Pierce-Arrow, c1904
Longmont Museum Photo Archive #2008_016_004



Callahans and friends at Balanced RockCallahan family with Pierce Arrow, 1913
Callahans and friends at Balanced Rock, c1906                  Callahans and friend with Pierce-Arrow in Gardens, c 1913
Longmont Museum Photo Archive #2008_016_001              Longmont Museum Photo Archive #2008_016_005

Callahan Family, Detroit Electric Run-About

By 1913  - Detroit Electric Run-About

Alice liked to drive and for 25 years she drove a little Detroit Electric Run-About with wet-celled batteries









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Tom, Alice and son Raymond Callahan with Detroit Electric Run-About, c1913
Longmont Museum Photo Archive #2008_016_019 

 Alice Callahan, Detroit Electric Run-About

Alice Callahan steps into her Detroit Electric Run-About, c1913
Longmont Museum Photo Archive #1982_019_001

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