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Callahan House Catering

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The Callahan House allows for a variety of catering options to meet your event requirements. You may either select a full service caterer or have food delivered from any health approved kitchen and use the Callahan House staff for your service requirements. 

You will be able to choose ANY full service caterer you want. If the caterer you choose is on the Callahan House preferred list, the security deposit will be $250, and if they aren’t, the security deposit will be $750 in addition to a $250 kitchen use fee.The security deposit is fully refundable providing there isn’t any damage to the property and the caterer you choose provides adequate staffing and meets our requirements for setup and cleanup of the house before, during, and after the event. If you elect to have food delivered from a health approved kitchen (grocery store, restaurant, etc.) and the kitchen is used for food service, a $250 kitchen use fee will be assessed along with a $250 security deposit

Callahan House preferred caterers are:

  1. A Spice of Life Catering + Events, Jake Safran, (303) 443-4049
  2. GreensPoint Catering, Holly Haakenson, (303) 772-2247
  3. Bay Window Catering, Steve Eisler & Marie Marteney, (303) 772-777

For menus and service proposals designed especially for you, please contact the caterers directly.

Callahan House Rental Needs:

The rental requirements for your event will be determined by size of guest list and type of meal requirements. Wedding chairs are needed for both indoor and outdoor weddings. These chairs then will be moved around rental tables for garden receptions. Linens will be rented for tables. The food buffet tables and beverage set-up tables are provided by Callahan House. Client makes a personal choice for serving guests with plastic-ware or rental china, flatware and glassware. Callahan House inside china and flatware is not available for use in the garden.

Client and Callahan House Manager will discuss and make the final decision for the need of a tent and/or heaters in the garden. Portable dance floors are allowed in the garden, although not typically necessary. Sometime dance floors will be necessary for protection of the grass due to inclement weather. All final equipment rental will be discussed and finalized at the final walk-through with the caterer and house manager.

Indoor events for groups of 50 or fewer guests are welcome to use house chairs, tables, linens, dishes, glassware and flatware. Groups over 50 require the use of rented dishes, or paper and plastic.

Callahan House Final Walk-Through:

One month prior to your event; you, the Callahan House Manager and caterer will finalize the timeline, delivery times, floor plan layout, final guest count, final equipment rentals and the need for a tent and/or heaters in the garden.

For more information contact Kathy Korpela, Callahan House Manager.

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