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Longmont Multicultural Action Committee

The Longmont Multicultural Action Committee (LMAC) is a City Council-initiated effort that inspires the Longmont community to take individual and collective action to promote cultural understanding, inclusion, and involvement, and create a community where everyone belongs.  This work is accomplished by focusing on cultural events, community learning and community leadership.

Cultural Events
LMAC sponsors and/or supports culturally inclusive community gatherings, events, and opportunities that promote understanding and builds relationships among people.  These events include:

LMAC also works with others to promote these opportunities to the entire community to expand the circle of who is participating in these multicultural events and activities.  The Committee is expanding its web presence and its role in being a resource for information about upcoming multicultural events and activities.

Community Learning
This area supports learning opportunities that explore Longmont's connection with people and communities around the world.  Upcoming events include community conversations on immigration, hosting a diversity conference, and expanding opportunities for second language learning.

Community Leadership
One of LMAC's goals is to enhance the representation of people in City and community leadership, governing and/or advisory roles to ensure that a diversity of voices and ideas are considered when developing policies and programs.  LMAC sponsors and promotes leadership training; builds connections; and supports outreach and engagement.

Why this Work is Important

  • Cultivates stronger connections and relationships among community members from different cultures
  • Promotes civic engagement
  • Creates opportunities for all residents to learn about and celebrate all the different cultures that are part of our community

How Can I Get Involved?
The LMAC Steering Committee invites all interested Longmont community members to be a part of this strategic journey to help Longmont become even more inclusive than it is today.

Multicultural Action Committee Members

For more information, please contact Adriana Perea, Community and Neighborhood Resources, at (303) 651-8444, or


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