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Supporting Action for Mental Health (SAM) is a movement of local community groups, nonprofit and faith organizations, residents, and local government to explore how we all can raise awareness of and take action to address mental health needs in Longmont. The movement began in the spring of 2015 when local leaders and the community began a series of conversations about mental health after a murder-suicide and a fetal abduction occurred in Longmont within 24 hours of each other.

In 2016 community members were invited to participate in conversations about mental health issues, to get engaged, and to take part in solutions to support people who are struggling with mental health issues. In the community conversations people engaged with each other to:

  • Increase understanding about mental health issues
  • Reduce stigma and misconceptions about mental health
  • Identify mental health needs in our community
  • Generate and prioritize ideas on how to address those needs
  • Inspire all of us to take action in both small and big ways    

Ten community conversations were held in the spring of 2016 involving nearly 250 people. Common themes that emerged from the conversations included: more community education on a wide variety of issues related to mental health; increase awareness of available resources; help people access mental health resources and services; advocate for more system improvements; and increase community accountability and action. In May 2016, participants of the community conversations were invited to an Action Forum to prioritize the top two community actions that SAM should begin working on now, which are: 1) offering community education, such as Mental Health First Aid, and consider some type of local anti-stigma campaign, and 2) increase the availability of local mental health crisis services.

Supporting Action for Mental Health has received a $200,000 grant from The Community Health Foundation to implement activities related to community education. In 2017-2018 our goal is to:

  • Provide Mental Health First Aid Training to 2000 people in the Longmont community
  • Engage 1500 in community conversations about mental health to increase our community’s understanding of mental health issues and needs, and continue building our community’s capacity to take action and offer compassionate support to each other
  • Launch a public awareness campaign to make it okay to talk about mental health and reduce stigma and misconceptions about mental health
  • Create an online service where people can more easily access a variety of mental health resources when they are looking for information, support and help

This is a community-wide effort so everyone is invited to participate! Visit the Supporting Action for Mental Health home page for more information on how to get involved.

2016 Community Conversations Data:
•    March 22 Community Conversation
•    March 26 Community Conversation
•    March 29 Community Conversation
•    April 13 Community Conversation
•    April 15 Community Conversation (Adult)
•    April 15 Community Conversation (Youth)
•    April 16 Community Conversation
•    April 23 Community Conversation
•    April 26 Community Conversation
•    May 5 Community Conversation

May 9 Action Forum Presentation and Results

Mental Health Resources

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