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What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?

Essential first aid training for anyone age 18 and older who wants to learn how to help a person who may be experiencing a mental health related crisis or challenge. This course teaches you to recognize signs and symptoms and provides the steps to take to provide help. Participants will come away with the skills and tools to offer help to others and increase their personal knowledge.

Click here for an overview of the Mental Health First Aid training and what you will learn in each of the courses.

Upcoming Training and Registration Information

We will be offering Mental Health First Aid trainings again in 2019. Please check back in late December or early January for 2019 training dates.

If your group or organization would like to host a Mental Health First Aid training please email John Kellow or call 303-651-8469.

Thanks to the generous support of The Colorado Health Foundation, we are able to offer this class at no charge. MHFA will only be free for a limited time (the class usually costs $50), so we encourage everyone to take advantage of this great learning opportunity.

Click here to register for a Mental Health First Aid training. Look for the date of the class on the calendar and then click on the class name.

You can also click on the training name under the Events Menu. Please email John Kellow or call 303-651-8469 if you need assistance with the class registration.

Who Should Take a Mental Health First Aid Course?

Mental Health First Aid is intended for all people and organizations that make up the fabric of a community. The course is presented to chambers of commerce, professional associations, hospitals, nursing homes, rotary clubs, parent organizations, social clubs, and other groups. Professionals who regularly interact with a lot of people (such as police officers, human resource directors, and primary care workers), school and college leadership, faith communities, friends and family of individuals with mental illness or addiction, or anyone interested in learning more about mental illness and addiction should get trained.

Here's What People Are Saying About Mental Health First Aid

"I would highly recommend Mental Health First Aid training for everyone. The workshop helps everyone develop concrete skills to be able to support another in those first moments of mental health crisis until professional help is available. As a pastor, this training has been particularly beneficial for my parishioners giving everyone some skills to support each other at difficult times. This training prepares us all to help one another live and love and laugh fully. I'd encourage everyone to take Mental Health First Aid and be the difference for another." - Fr. Teri Harroun, Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community

"I took the Mental Health First Aid (course last summer to learn how to better support students and employees at my college experiencing mental health issues. It helped me develop greater empathy for individuals suffering from mental health symptoms and disorders. Also, I learned many techniques such that have helped me personally. It’s an essential training to educating our community regarding mental health issues and overcoming the stigma associated with mental illness." - John Heisel, Faculty Development Coordinator, Front Range Community College

"I found the training relevant and helpful. I have a background in psychology and have had training in these areas before; the honest and direct way you addressed mental health issues with youth was refreshing. If we are going to be effective we need to stop tiptoeing around suicide and self harm and look at it directly. Most importantly, we need the ability to look across at a young person and not be as afraid as they may be. Your training gave valuable information and actual practice to educators so we can help our students instead of feeling helpless." - Desirae Vannorsdel, Teacher, Crossroads School

"This training was an excellent addition to our fall staff orientation, giving all of our staff common language to be able to discuss and deal with student mental health needs." - Barb Bulthuis, Executive Director, Crossroads School

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