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Fat Trappers

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Keep Fats, Oils and Grease Out of the Sewercloggity blob eating

 When homeowners dispose of fry grease down the drain or toilet, it can coat the sewers and cause "slow drains", blockages, sewer back-ups and expose our family and environment to the pathogens in raw sewage.

  • Wipe off plates, utensils and pots to the trash and not down the drain.
  • Recycle deep fryer oil.
  • Fry grease should be poured into a container that can be sealed and then, tossed into the trash.  This was common practice in our grandparent's day, but it can be challenging today to find an appropriate container.  That is why the City of Longmont is offering FREE fat trappers and replacement bags

 Fat Trappers and Replacement Bags are available:

  • Service Center
    1100 South Sherman St.
    (303) 651-8416
  • Civic Center
    350 Kimbark St.

Fat Trappers and Replacement Bags

Public Works & Natural Resources is offering FREE Fat Trappers to Longmont residents. Fat Trappers are simply a white plastic container that has a lid.  It can be placed in the refrigerator, cupboard or on a counter-top.  Inside, place the heat resistant baggie (included with the fat trapper) and use it to collect fry grease. 

When the baggie is about three quarters full, seal and toss the baggie into the trash.  (Make sure the zip-lock is sealed to avoid spills.)  Don't toss the Fat Trapper - re-use it.  Replacement baggies are available, or you may use a recycled can or other appropriate container.


Recycling Cooking Oil

Place the cooled oil in a clean container and seal; the plastic bottle it came in is appropriate.  Longmont residents may bring the container to the Waste Diversion Center on Martin Street.  The collected oil is recycled by local businesses for biodiesel.

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Don't Feed the Sewer Monster
Don't pour grease down the drain


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