Stormwater Quality Program

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Water Quality

Storm Drain Inlets

The River Starts Here

H2O Joe and Flo near an inletThe City's storm drainage system is designed to efficiently carry rain and snow melt to the river and away from our streets and homes. Storm drainage inlets are the grates or openings usually located in the street near the curb.

The down side of this system is that any pollutant (garbage, chemicals, pet wastes, etc.) that is in our streets may enter the storm drainage system and ultimately, the river. There is no treatment of this water - it goes directly to the river. Yard wastes like leaves and grass clippings are Longmont's biggest problem because of the potential for blockages and localized flooding.   These will also decompose into nutrients that can cause algal blooms in the river.

The City of Longmont is a partner in the Keep It Clean Partnership.  Check out that website for more information on water pollution.

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