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Cleaning Up Small Spills

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Spills that are not immediately cleaned up might enter the stormwater drainage system and the St. Vrain River.

Tips on avoiding spills

  • Be prepared for spills. 
  • Store chemicals in a dry area and protected them from rain.  Inspect containers to ensure integrity and no leakage.  Use secondary containment.
  • Keep all container lids closed.
  • Don’t leave chemicals in use unattended.
  • Clean up spills immediately and use gloves and eye protection as needed.
  • Dispose of clean up materials properly.

Cleaning Up Small Spills

  • Dry wipe liquid spills. Sweep up dry material spills.  Do not wash any spills with water.  Use an absorbent (like kitty litter) to sop up any liquids.  Then, collect for proper disposal.
  • Try to contain larger spills to protect any floor drains and the stormwater drainage system.
  • Contaminated soil may be removed and properly disposed of off-site.

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