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Heat Transfer Equipment Permission to Discharge

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The State allows clean water from coil cleaning operations (no cleaning solutions or contaminants) to be discharged to state waters if a point source permit is obtained from the State. Fees apply.

Wastewater from HTE cleaning operations that does not contain soaps, chemicals or pollutants may be discharged to the storm sewer only if:

  • The wastes are generated from only HTE cleaning operations and the discharger maintains a current permit from the State of Colorado;
  • The wastewater meets all requirements of Chapter 14.26 of the Municipal Code (storm drainage system) including Prohibitions and Exemptions (14.26.500); and
  • All Best Management Practices outlined in the State permit are met.

In previous years, the State permit required a letter of authorization from the City of Longmont if you plan on working within the City of Longmont.  You are no longer required to obtain a letter from the City, but you  are still required to contact the City to ensure that the discharge meets local, state and federal requirements if the discharge enters the City of Longmont's MS4.

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