NOTICE: Any entity engaged in any business within the City of Longmont must obtain a City sales and use tax license and collect City sales tax on business transactions within the city.

2017 City of Longmont Sales Tax Rates

City of Longmont = 3.275%
State of Colorado = 2.90%
RTD = 1.00%
Cultural District = 0.10%
Boulder County = 0.985%
2017 TOTAL Combined Sales Tax Rate in Longmont: 8.26%



You can file and pay your sales and use taxes online. Please click the "Online Sales and Use Tax Return" link on the menu bar to the left for more information.

Municipal Code/Sales and Use Tax: View the City's Municipal Code relating to Sales and Use Tax. 

The City of Longmont is located in two counties with four USPS ZIP codes, two of which also appear in areas outside of the city and do not coincide with city boundaries. However, in some cases these locations use “Longmont” as the city name. Therefore, you cannot rely on the mailing address and ZIP code to determine whether or not a particular location is within the city boundaries (see city boundary map). This can cause difficulties in determining whether or not a transaction is subject to the City of Longmont sales tax.

Businesses are liable to the City for sales tax that is undercollected. Please consult the electronic location databases that have been certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 39-26-105.3 to determine the correct jurisdiction for sales tax purposes. The City of Longmont, along with several other municipalities, has put in place provisions that will hold harmless businesses that collect the incorrect amount of sales tax if they can offer proof that the most current version of these databases was used and provided the incorrect information for a particular address.

For additional information about using currently certified database providers, along with links to these providers' websites, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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