Online Sales and Use Tax Return Filing and Payment

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Welcome to the City of Longmont Sales and Use Tax online filing and payment portal. Use this service to quickly and easily file and submit payment, if applicable, for a City of Longmont sales and use tax return.

 What do you need?

  • The City of Longmont account number on your sales tax license.

 sales tax license

  • Gross sales and service amount (line 1 on sales/use tax return)
  • Total deductions (line 3-A through 3-L)
  • Amount subject to use tax

* After you have submitted the online return, please follow by remitting online payment at the same time.

Sales and Use Tax Online Return Form - 2018 and 2019

Download the Sales Tax return instructions

Sales and Use Tax Returns - 2017 and earlier

If you are filing online, the sales and use tax total due and payable must be paid online using an e-check or credit card. Please note: The online payment service is provided by the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA). The fees below are charged by SIPA and will be added to the transaction amount. 

  • Electronic check: $1.00 per transaction
  • Credit card: $0.75 plus a fee of 2.25% of the total transaction amount

* Only the sales and use tax payment amount will be forwarded to the City of Longmont.

Sales Tax Return Due Date

Sales and use tax returns are due on the 20th day of each month following the end of the filing period. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the return is due on the next business day. For example, the March 2014 return is due April 21, 2014, since April 20 falls on a weekend.

Who can use this service?

  • Any business with an active City of Longmont sales and use tax license that would like to file and pay online.

After you submit your online return form, you will be sent to a confirmation page that will thank you for submitting the form. There also will be a separate confirmation for your online payment.

If there is revenue due, click the link to proceed to the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) website to remit payment. Please ensure that you have your account number, return period and amount handy when you begin the online payment process. SIPA Online Payment service.

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