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Utility services include electricity, water, sewer, solid waste collection and storm drainage. Customer service representatives work with customers to provide service information, schedule service connections and disconnections, solve billing problems and secure payments on accounts. 

  • Utility Billing

    • Can I view my bill online? How do I sign up for paperless billing?

    • Why is the program asking to install the JAVA plug-in when I want to view graphs?

    • How to sign up for electronic bank payments

    • My bill seems really high. What should I do?

    • When is my trash picked up?

    • When service has been disconnected due to nonpayment

    • How to arrange payment for a past-due bill

    • How do I connect, disconnect or transfer service?

    • What is the easiest way to pay my bill?

    • How do I pay my utility bill online?

    • I need information on my past utility usage. How can I get that?

    • I am having trouble paying my bill. Who do I talk to?

    • Why am I being billed a monthly service charge for each electric or water meter?

    • I am selling my house and need to disconnect utilities. Is there anything else I need to do?

    • My bank needs a 9-digit ZIP code to complete the transaction. Where can I find that?

    • Starting, stopping, and transferring utility service

    • Online utility billing services

    • Office hours/utility bill payment Locations

    • How to sign up for budget billing

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