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Variances in Your Utility Bill

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Many factors affect how much energy your home uses each month, and several are beyond your control. One common mistake, however, is to compare this month's bill with last month's bill. Instead, you should compare each month's bill with the bill from the same month the prior year. Changing temperatures must also be considered when making comparison. Some common causes of bill variations include:

Conditions beyond your control or knowledge
* Season of the year
* Sunlight, weather and temperature
* Five-weekend months
* Number of days between meter readings
* Defective house wiring
* Daylight Saving Time

Changes in regular living conditions
* Number of full-time residents--people moving in or out
* Spring cleaning
* Repairs or renovations
* Visiting relatives
* Changes in living habits
* Vacations
* Illness
* Changes in work hours
* Children out of school for extended periods of time

* New appliances installed
* Additional use of older appliances
* Frost on the refrigerator
* Defective appliances
* Inefficient use of appliances
* Excessive use of hot water
* Leaking hot water faucets
* Exposure of hot water pipes to air
* Lack of maintenance; clogged air filters
* Excessive house heating

New home or apartment
* Larger than former home
* Windier or colder location
* More heat leakage through windows
* Ceilings not adequately insulated
* Larger heating equipment
* Manual heating controls
* Larger water heater
* Less weatherstripping

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