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2017 Accomplishments

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The City of Longmont's Housing and Community Investment (HCI) Division is the lead agency for the administration of CDBG funding and the implementation of the Community Development Plan.  Internally, the HCI Division works in collaboration with all City Departments to deliver projects, services, and other benefits to eligible neighborhoods and clients.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires, as part of the Consolidated Plan process, the submittal of a Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) to document the implementation and utilization of HUD funds.  HUD uses the CAPER to perform a comprehensive performance review of yearly progress in meeting stated goals and objectives contained in the Consolidated (Con) Plan and the annual Action Plan, as required by 24 CFR 91.525.

The 2017 Program Year was the third year of the City of Longmont's 5-year Consolidated Plan (2015-2019).  We made strides in FY2017 in the Rental Housing programs, Homeownership programs, Homeless Assistance programs, and Community Investment programs.  We used  our CDBG, CDBG-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), General funds, and local Affordable Housing funds to complete housing rehabilitation, emergency repairs, and mobile home repairs; remove impediments for households with a disabled/elderly family member; provide housing counseling and consumer debt counseling; provide support services; provide down payment assistance, support the construction of affordable for-rent and for-sale homes, and make flood repairs or replace flood-damaged properties.


Families and individuals across all races were assisted in many ways during FY 2017. The City of Longmont is predominantly white overall but 23, or 7.66%, of those assisted were minorities, and 20% of the total number of households served were Hispanic.

Longmont continues to provide its CDBG, HOME, and Affordable Housing funds towards programs that not only serve all racial/ethnic minorities but serve people with disabilities and female heads of household.  The City of Longmont in 2017 through its CDBG entitlement funding assisted 87 female heads of household and 32 households with disabilities.


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