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Longmont Power and Communications Director of Nextlight BroadbandNextLight™ is Longmont’s community-owned fiber-optic internet service, offering symmetrical gigabit speeds to homes and businesses citywide without contracts or data caps. Both internet and phone service are provided along with advanced services for commercial customers. NextLight signed up its first subscribers in 2014 and currently has a 55% take rate (originally projected to be 37% by 2019).

NextLight receives high praise from its customers and receives ongoing interest from communities across the nation looking to duplicate its success. The NextLight Broadband team is dedicated, nimble, and competitively focused.

Recently a key member of the City of Longmont’s Power & Communications management team announced their retirement. With this departure, the organization is in need of a seasoned professional to join a respected management team as LPC Director of Broadband Services. This dynamic position requires a person with unique technical and supervisory skills, capabilities and business acumen.

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LPC NextLight™ Director of Broadband Services Job Scope

Job Scope

Perform high-level strategic management duties to direct the NextLightTM Broadband Utility in the City’s Power & Communications Department (LPC). Responsible for management of the functions, administration, and staff members within the engineering, operations, customer services, marketing, administration, financial, and other business functions as related to the NextLight Utility. Responsible for a wide variety of administrative, technical, and professional programs related to NextLight Services. Coordinate strategic planning and development, monitoring, and updates.

Oversee the development and analysis of the budget; rates and fees; federal, state, and industry compliance reporting; business development coordination; business statistical analysis; performance measurement and reporting; trend analysis; competitive assessment; long-range financial planning; and customer information system interface with all City divisions. Work closely with the Electric Director, who is responsible for the Electric Utility that is part of LPC.


Salary is negotiable depending upon qualifications and experience, plus an attractive and competitive fringe benefits plan, including retirement and health care.

Performance Planning and Appraisal

A new LPC Director of Broadband Services can expect to establish mutually agreeable performance goals and measures with the Deputy City Manager within the first 90 days of employment.

Interview Process and Confidentiality

After screening and qualification by the Human Resource Services Department and passing other tests of merit, final candidates will be invited to Longmont to interview with the Deputy City Manager and others to be determined. Intensive background investigations will be conducted, which may include visits to the home city of the final candidate(s) as part of the selection process.

The resumes and all application materials of applicants will be kept confidential if confidentiality is requested, but only until finalists are named and invited for interviews and background investigations begin. The full record of finalists not named for interview will be kept confidential by the City and by the Human Resource Services Department. Final candidates who are interviewed and their application materials will be considered public information.

How to Apply

This position is open until filled. Priority will be given to applicants who apply on or before May 15, 2019. Interested applicants can apply online at

The City of Longmont is an equal opportunity employer.

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