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Did you Miss Getting Tickets to Temple Grandin? Watch it NOW!

Not to worry; you can still see the program. "An Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin" is now available, in its entirety and professionally filmed and edited, on our website.

NEW! Mobile Printing Services

The Library now has a mobile printing app.

Fall = Learning (Even for Grown-ups!)

Crisper mornings bring to mind sharpened pencils and yellow school buses, but learning doesn't have to stop just because you've finished school.  The Library has so many ways to satisfy your curiosity for knowledge, and it's all FREE.

Learn a language using Rocket Languages - FREE with your library card.

Speak a New Tongue with Rocket Languages

You don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a quality language instruction program -- you can get it for FREE online through our website.  With more than a dozen languages to choose from, you can work at your own pace and learn a little or a lot in just a few minutes per day. 

Keep learning with a free online class or course from the Library.Take a Class Online or on CD or DVD

Studies have shown that adults who continue learning are healthier in mind and body than those who don't, and with our incredible selection of nearly 40 online class subject areas, you're bound to discover something that piques your interest.  We even offer a whole resource -- DigitalLearn -- devoted to teaching basic computer skills, in both English and Spanish. If you'd prefer to listen to CD's or watch DVDs, consider The Great Courses, an award-winning series of courses on topics ranging from science to fine arts to better living, and all taught by esteemed experts in the fields. These are incredible educational opportunities that cost you nothing -- all you need is your library card. Learning is not just for the very young, so stay curious and learn something new this school year!

Move your career forward with free learning resources from the Library.Take That Next Step in Your Career

Acquiring more professional knowledge and/or skills always increases your value to employers.  Whether you want to move up or out from your current position, our Learning Express materials will help you go further.  You can explore occupations, learn computer skills, and practice for occupational tests like the CDL. Those seeking to earn their GED can even take practice tests. And it's all for FREE.

Pick up a new hobby and enrich your life.Pick Up a New Hobby

Learning doesn't have to be about books and school subjects; it can also be about learning new crafts or hobbies.  The Library has shelves full of books and DVDs just begging you to take them home and discover your creative or collecting side. Our librarians are always excited to help you discover a new talent or interest, so don't be shy about asking for help!

The library has over a dozen bags with all the items you'll need to create a whole experience.

Check out 6 New Experience Bags!

We've expanded our collection consists of over a dozen canvas bags stuffed full of books, movies, and games related to various television or movie series or exotic destinations. Rather than simply reading books or watching a movie series, Experience Bags provide a whole different level of engagement.  Click the button to learn more about this fun collection and our latest additions!

Cooler Nights Call for More Interesting Films

Link to indieflix - access to thousands of movies free with your library card.

Do you love movies? With InstantFlix, your library card grants you access to FREE streaming of thousands of movies. InstantFlix gives an unbelievable number of movies, and it specializes in film festival award winners, documentaries, and short films.  Get your library card ready, and click the InstantFlix logo to begin streaming all the best independent films.

The Library has a collection of the latest and greatest DVDs.

Win Family Movie Night with DVDs Everyone Will Love

Do you just gotta have the latest and greatest in video but hate to pay for streaming services?  We've got you covered -- with our "Gotta See It" DVD collection.  This collection, patterned after our popular "Lucky Day" books, is located in the lobby and consists of the newest and best DVDs we can find.  No holds, no wait.  Just come in, grab whatever you've just gotta see, and check it out.

The Longmont Public Library is on!

We've Added a New Way to Keep Up with Some of Your Favorite Library Programs

Check us out on!  We post all our recurring adult programs there , so join up (it's FREE! and easy) and follow us for all the information and reminders you need. We are also considering posting single programs as well, so let us know what works for you. 

See the results of the library's latest online survey.

Latest Survey Results!

Curious about the results of last month's Flash Survey? Watch this space and click the button for the latest survey results.  We'll post them each time we close out a survey.

Where We're From -- Immigrants in Your Community

We invite you to celebrate the rich melting pot of our community with this short, powerful video. Then, stop by the Library's second floor and let us know where your family originated by participating in our interactive display.

 Video produced by Patricio Illanes, in conjunction with One Action 2016.

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