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Boredom Busters

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Ideas for passing time during self-isolation or quarantine

When you're used to being active, being at home for extended periods of time can be a challenge.  It seems like the more that you're told that you should stay at home, the more you want to get out and socialize, run errands, or attend events.  However, in this time of serious public health concerns, we can take care of each other by staying at home and connecting creatively, engaging with each other and media, and learning new things. Boredom is the enemy and we're here to help you fight the battle. So, sit back, get comfortable, and be ready to scroll, because this is THE list to stay occupied, have fun, and learn new things

What Sounds Good to You Today?

Visit Your Library @ Home

Your library building may be closed, but there is still a lot of great library available to you 24/7.  All of these services and activities are free, but many require that you have a library card.

Get Online & Go

Connectivity online is super important when we're physically distancing, and organizations around the world have opened their portals to share information and experiences.  All are free, unless noted.  If links are not provided with ideas, search Google or YouTube for materials.  This list is for entertainment only. Inclusion in this list does not indicate City of Longmont or Library endorsement of any company or product.

Virtual Field Trips

Audio Entertainment & Learning

Online Entertainment & Classes

Storytime Fun for Everyone!

Because, really, who doesn't love a good storytime? Especially now.

    Ditch the Screens

    Be sure to take some time away from screens to reconnect with those around you, get some exercise and fresh air, and engage other parts of your brain and body.

    • Work on your diorama for the Library's 6th Annual PEEPS Literary Diorama Contest. It's been postponed, but we WILL be having the contest when we reopen! Find all the details here.
    • Print out coloring pages and get to it!
    • Bake something.
    • Try out a super hard recipe you've been wanting to master in the kitchen.
    • Observe and write down the names of plants & wildlife you see out your window or in your neighborhood/yard.
    • Learn about the parts of plants/flowers and their Latin names.
    • Write a story.
    • Learn how to do simple book binding.
    • Make paper or papier-mâche.
    • Help with outside gardening and yardwork.
    • Play board games or card games. Dig out the ones you haven't played in a long time.
    • Build with LEGOs.(Yes, they're for grown-ups, too!)
    • Silent reading and reading aloud (to family, pets, or stuffed animals).
    • Learn to sew by hand using stuff around the house.
    • Explore nature (use a scientific mindset to describe the natural world around you and ask questions, use books or online to identify birds, trees, clouds, etc.). For instance, look through binoculars and bird watch, look up local birds you see and search for their bird calls on YouTube.
    • Do jigsaw puzzles.
    • Clean and organize your space and make a donation box to donate stuff later.
    • Invent your own board game or card game, write down the rules, and then play.
    • Write a story with the people in your home: each person writes down one sentence and passes it along to the next person.
    • Do some yoga; look up YouTube videos for guidance
    • Dance along to Zumba or dance-along videos on YouTube.
    • Karaoke/sing along to your favorite songs.
    • Check out Pinterest for craft and art project ideas, and then do some.
    • Draw self portraits and portraits of each other (have someone pose for you to draw them).
    • Draw things with your eyes closed.
    • Mark a world map (or draw one) of all the places you are interested in learning more about.
    • Play charades.
    • Make a video of yourself teaching others how to do something.
    • Give your pet a bath and brush (be careful when trying to wash a cat though!).
    • Clean the inside of your car.
    • Jump rope, hula hoop, hop scotch.
    • Have popcorn and a movie marathon.
    • Minute-to-win it competition games, what can you do in a minute?
    • Take a nap.
    • Fly a kite.
    • Choreograph a dance.
    • Take a walk or a hike or a bike ride (staying at least 6 feet from others that are out).
    • Dig through cabinets and figure out recipes for that thing you got at the grocery store and thought "this is interesting surely it can be used for something!" Then make it.
    • Make ice cream.
    • Sit outside for 20 minutes doing nothing. (It’s a good challenge)
    • Listen to nature sounds outside and take deep breaths.
    • Scream into a pillow.
    • Plant some seeds in little pots inside.
    • Write down and track all the activities you do and share your activity lists and ideas with others.
    • Go for a long ride through a scenic area or to somewhere you've never been.  Pack a picnic lunch and eat outside.
    • Email your librarians or write a note and mail it to 409 4th Ave Longmont, CO 80501. Let us know what you are up to and what you are reading.

    Do You Have Ideas for This List?

    Email us and share your ideas for us to add to this list.  We'll investigate them and share them if they fit.

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