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Not just a book. Not just a movie. An experience.

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Grab an Experience Bag and visit Italy!We know you come to the Library for books, movies, and programs, but now you can walk out with a whole experience -- in a bag.  In spring 2016, the Library introduced an entirely new collection, and it's called the Experience Bag Collection.  Some bags aim to immerse you in your favorite movie series or television show and we've called these "Experience Bags." "Destination Bags," will transport you to exotic locales without ever having to pack a suitcase, and "Wellbeing Bags" will help you lead a happier and healthier life.

Grab an Experience Bag and immerse yourself in Downton Abbey!

Each bag has all you'll need to dive deeper into a favorite subject or destination -- DVD movies, music CDs, cookbooks, games, cocktail ideas, and other small books about the subject.  We have bags that are fun for the whole family, as well as bags that are perfect for date night or a girls' get-together. 

For instance, perhaps you’re a big fan of "Downton Abbey" – use an Experience Bag to create an extra special night in with copies of the DVD series, a DVD on dancing from the era, music CDs with popular songs from the 1920’s, and cookbooks that will allow you replicate the same meals that might have been served at Cora and Robert’s dining table. Or, if you’d like to visit the world of James Bond, you can watch a classic Bond movie or an informative DVD that goes behind the scenes of the franchise. The bag also gives you a License to Cook and a special 007 edition of Trivial Pursuit cards.

Grab an Experience bag and visit Argentina!Meanwhile, “Destination Bags” will whisk you away with native feature films and television shows, delicious cookbooks, and music CDs.  Some also contain DVDs highlighting cultural aspects of the destination, such as Argentina’s famous Tango.

Finally, in July 2018, we introduced "Wellbeing Bags" into the Experience Bag collection. These bags focus on tips for living a healthier, happier, better-all-around life.

 The bags check-out for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to plan and enjoy your Experience or Destination. Bags are not renewable only, and each patron may only check out one bag at a time. Overdue fines for Experience Bags are $1 per day, per bag.

Grab an Experience Bag and immerse yourself in Dr. Who!

The links below will take you to the Library's catalog, where you can place a hold on the bag of your choice!

Have an Experience:

Head for a Favorite Destination:

Boost Your Wellbeing:

The bags are located in the Library lobby, between the stairs and the elevator so stop by and browse.  We'll be adding more bags over time. Have suggestions?  Questions?  Drop us a line by email or give us a call at (303) 651-8470.

The Library has a new set of bags promoting mental health awareness. Grab an Experience Bag and immerse yourself in Game of Thrones!








This program is generously funded by the Friends of the Longmont Library.

The Friends of the Longmont Library generously support library programs and services.


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