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For more than 100 years, LPC has provided innovative service that has kept electric rates low while improving reliability and convenience for Longmont businesses and citizens. We operate under several guiding principles:
  • We are a public power organization. We work hard to provide the highest value and benefit to our Longmont community.
  • Superior customer service is our highest priority. That means from service connection and metering to power interruptions, rebate programs and service questions, we are ready and available to assist you.
  • We strive to keep rates low and reliability high.
  • We are a group of people committed to excellence, with a passion to exceed expectations. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our customers’ experience.  

 Our Mission

To deliver outstanding electric and broadband service experiences to our customer-owners while providing exceptional value and benefit to our community.

Reports to the community

Our Report to the Community includes information on our finances, power resources, annual energy consumption, and our award-winning NextLight™ internet service.

Affiliations and Memberships Longmont Power & Communications is a proud member of:

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