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Power Safety

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“Powerful stuff, so watch that plug! It’s potent.” - Schoolhouse Rock, in “Electricity, Electricity!” (1977)



Electricity makes a lot of fun things possible. And by being alert and careful, everybody can make sure it stays fun. Remember these Seven Steps to Safety to prevent fires and injuries:


Kids_icon_plugUse Plugs Properly!

Connecting lots of plugs to a single wall outlet with adapters and extension cords may seem handy, but it could also start a fire. And when you’re unplugging something, hold on to the plug and remove it directly from the outlet. Never yank a plug out by its cord – you can damage the plug and the outlet that way.


Keep an Eye Where You Fly!

It’s fun to fly a kite, drone, or model plane, but it’s dangerous to fly them close to a power line – especially since kite strings can conduct the electricity right to you! Stay away so you can safely enjoy the skies, and if something does get caught on a power pole, have your parents call us at 303-651-8386.


Kids_icon_waterWatch Out for Water!

Water and electricity don’t mix … or rather, they mix WAY too well, endangering whoever’s nearby. Keep anything electrical away from puddles, pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, or wet surfaces. And don’t use an electric appliance or toy if you’re wet, of course!


Use Your Sense – Stay Off the Fence!

In Longmont, you’ll see several fenced-off electric substations, which send power to your neighborhoods. Never climb that fence, even to retrieve a ball, toy, or pet on the other side. Have an adult call us and we’ll get it out for you.


kids_icon_cordsCorral the Cords!
When electric cords are left here, there, and anywhere, people can trip and fall. (They’re also tempting for pets to chew on.)  Make sure the cords stay neatly out of the way. And if they look damaged, chewed on, or torn, don’t use them.


Take Time When You Climb!

Before going up a tree, make sure there are no power lines nearby. And remind your parents to check for lines, too, anytime they’re using a ladder or outdoor equipment.


kids_icon_linesStay Outside the Lines!
If you see that a power line has broken or fallen to the ground, stay away! A fallen line can energize areas 35 feet away, putting you in danger. (That’s like standing in your front lawn and being zapped by something on the other side of the street!) Have an adult call us so that we can make repairs.



Think you know your safety smarts? Follow the links and see if you can spot the indoor safety hazards and the outdoor safety dangers. NOTE: In order to play the games online, you'll need to have Adobe Flash downloaded on your computer.

Teachers: LPC has its own safety demonstrations available! Our Hazard Hamlet vivldly teaches electric safety awareness, using sparks, lights, and buzzers to show what happens when the figures in the scene do something wrong. Have your class see the importance of indoor and outdoor electric safety firsthand. To ask about bringing Hazard Hamlet to your classroom, email Include photos. In 2018, record demonstration video.


 Below are images of our Hazard Hamlet interactive display

Hazard Hamlet Interaction

Hazard Hamlet Interaction











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