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Power History

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“After the electric light goes into general use, none but the extravagant will burn candles.” - Thomas Edison (1880)

Our modern-day electrical world is an exciting one. Go back 40 years and personal computers are just being born. Go back a hundred years and no one has TV, radio, or air conditioning. Go back two hundred years and your home doesn’t even have light bulbs!

But even before we found so many ways to put it to use, people had been studying electricity and its possibilities for a long time. From here, you can:

Key and Kite Take a walk through the big picture, and learn about the famous names in electricity, and how different energy technologies came to be.  






Raising Electric Poles 1912 Discover Longmont’s cool history of power, from eight electric lights in the downtown, all the way to solar plants and buffalo herds. (Yes, really.)







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