Important Update About New ECIF Rates

New ECIF rates will be in effect November 1, 2017. These new rates will be applied to all proposals submitted on or after November 1, 2017. Click to see the new ECIF rates.

WLPC_LogoEst1912_rgbLRe strongly encourage you to contact LPC's field engineering staff at 303-651-8386 before planning and estimating project costs and/or applying for a building permit. LPC can help explain the fees, options, and processes associated with your project. Contacting LPC first will also help avoid project delays. 


Click here to read about resources for installing NextLight 

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Resources for installing or upgrading electric service

To get started, select the correct form to initiate an LPC engineering design, cost estimate and work order for your new or upgraded electric service facilities:

1. The Electric Service Request form is required as part of your submittal of initial site and construction plans to the City of Longmont Design Review Committee. It is also a vehicle for initiating design with LPC prior to obtaining a building permit and will assist you in planning your project.

2. Within City of Longmont boundaries, you must obtain a Building Permit from the City's Building Inspection Division. Click here to access their web page which includes links to pdf files of permit applications for:

  • New Residential Construction Building Permit
  • Residential Remodel or Addition Building Permit
  • New Commercial/Industrial Construction Building Permit
  • Commercial/Industrial Remodel or Addition Building Permit
  • Miscellaneous Building Permit

On the building permit application you must include:

  • Electric service size (in amps)
  • Voltage
  • Number of meters
  • Name and address of the parties responsible for payment of construction, connection, and metering
  • Monthly utility bills at the service location

 Note: A permit will not be issued if any of this information is omitted.

- OR -

3.  Outside City of Longmont boundaries in Boulder County but within LPC's electric service territory, you must submit a Power Data form to LPC. The Power Data form requires the same electric service information as a City building permit. Contact Boulder County at 303-441-3925 to obtain a building permit.




Resources for installing NextLight™

Contact Information

Ian Carmichael, NextLight MDU & Commercial Sales Engineer, 303-774-3559,

Jonathan Keen, Commercial Broadband Sales Coordinator, 303-651-8455,



Are you beginning a new development? Starting a major remodeling? We’ll be glad to help you prepare your property for NextLight fiber-optic service. We’ve included a brief outline below of the steps you’ll follow; note that we recommend beginning this process six months before the start of construction.

1. For most construction, you start by scheduling a pre-application meeting through the City of Longmont Planning Department. This is where your project is initially presented to and reviewed by city departments, including Longmont Power & Communications (LPC).

2. LPC will set up a preliminary meeting to go over the building specifications, project requirements, safety, and materials. We will discuss fiber-optic pathways and equipment specification sheets. We will also ask to review any low voltage designs.

3. Next, we’ll ask you to review and sign our access agreement. In order to connect your apartment, townhome, condominium building, or commercial property to our fiber-optic network, an access agreement is required.

4. You’ll then begin construction, using the agreed-upon specifications from the preliminary design meeting to make your building ready for a NextLight fiber connection. This may include installing conduit, microduct, and/or fiber at your building site. LPC will use this infrastructure to provide NextLight service.

5. LPC will schedule and perform a site visit, once we receive notice that construction is complete. This “site audit” is to review the build and ensure that it meets the specifications required. If we identify any changes that need to be made, those will have to be addressed before moving forward.

6. After the site audit approval, LPC will schedule and install the fiber and any related equipment needed to connect your building to the fiber-optic network. This will include installing the outside plant fiber, the drop fiber cable that serves your building, and the optical network terminals (ONTs) that will provide NextLight service to each unit. These ONTs translate the fiber-optic light signal into a signal that a router, computer, or television can use to provide Internet service. If a customer subscribes to NextLight’s Digital Voice telephone service, a battery backup will also be placed.

You are now ready for NextLight. The upfront planning and work will ensure that your occupants have access to the most advanced broadband communications network available while also “future-proofing” your building. LPC’s community-owned broadband network has been rated as one of the fastest Internet services in the nation at one of the lowest prices available from any provider.

Information packets/flyers

NextLight installation flyer for single family home developers          Front cover for NextLight MDU developer installation packet 

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