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Design Standards and Construction Specifications

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The following links provide LPC requirements that appear in the City of Longmont's municipal code and construction standards. They may apply for new or upgraded electric service installations, depending upon the type of project:

Design Standards and Construction Specifications, Section 700

Design Standards and Constructions Specifications detail drawings

700-02A Clearances for public-owned equipment   
700-02B Clearances for LPC equipment
700-03 Sleeve Installation 
700-04 Trench detail
700-05 Equipment alignment on trench 
700-06 Tracer wire installation       
700-07A and 700-07B Cable handling and storage procedures
700-08 Cold shrink installation
700-09 Transformer residential single phase ground sleeve
700-10 Transformer commercial three-phase concrete pad
700-11 Primary junction facility ground sleeve
700-12 Secondary junction facility ground sleeve
700-13 Street light pole
700-14 Street light base
700-15 Service line identification
700-16 Metering single family
700-17  Metering phone line
700-18 Bollard Protection


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