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Metering Standards and Construction Specifications

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The following links provide LPC metering requirements to which the City of Longmont's municipal code and construction standards refer. They may apply for new or upgraded electric service installations, depending upon the type of project:

Metering standards and constructions specifications

Approved meter housing specifications

Transformer short circuit information

Meter Installation Detail Drawings

MTR 1 Temporary Power 1-6 Months Use
MTR 2 Temporary Power 1-12 Months Use
MTR 3 Temporary Power Overhead
MTR 4 Overhead Building Attachment
MTR 5 Point of Delivery for Residential Services Greater than 200 Amps
MTR 8 Meter Housing Clearances
MTR 9 Multiple Meter Socket Installations for Individual Service Sizes 200 Amps or Less
MTR 10 CT Cabinet Specifications
MTR 11 CT & PT Metering Specifications
MTR 13 Commercial Switchgear Specifications
MTR 14 Single Phase Meter Housing 400 Amps or Less
MTR 16 Wiring Configuration for 3 Phase Non-CT Rated
MTR 17 Wiring Configuration for 400 Amps (320 Class Meter)

700-15 Service Line Identification
700-16 Metering Single Family
700-17 Metering Communication Line


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