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Electric Outage FAQ

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  • How can I prepare before an outage happens?

  • What if I need power because of special medical needs?

  • Why did an LPC crew drive past my house when the power was out?

  • During an outage, how do you decide whose power to turn on first?

  • How come my power’s out but my neighbor’s is still on?

  • During an electric outage can I use a generator?

  • Do I need to throw out the food in my fridge?

  • How long will it take to get the lights back on?

  • Can I find out anything online?

  • How can I help get my power on?

  • Does LPC know my power is out?

  • Who do I call when my power goes out? Does that change after-hours or on weekends?

  • 8. What happens to Digital Voice if my power goes out?

  • Power Outages

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